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SAMCO's Options BRO Is Disrupting the Options Trading Ecosystem: Nilesh Sharma, ED & President of SAMCO Securities

SAMCO Securities is pioneering the stock market trading by introducing industry-first features like My Trade Story, Personal Index and more

SAMCO's Options BRO Is Disrupting the Options Trading Ecosystem: Nilesh Sharma, ED & President of SAMCO Securities

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India's options trading ecosystem has been a dichotomous market segment for a while now. On the one hand, we have retail traders flocking to the F&O market in large numbers. SEBI's analysis revealed that the number of individuals trading the equity F&O segment alone grew from around 7.1 lakh in FY19 to over 45 lakh in FY22 — marking a 500% increase! The momentum continued in 2023 when the Indian markets recorded a staggering 85 billion trades in options contracts alone — surpassing the trading volumes in options markets across the world.

However, these rising numbers hide an uncomfortable truth. The participation of retail traders in the options market may be growing, but their performance is rapidly declining. SEBI's recent report sheds light on the magnitude of this problem. 9 out of 10 options traders (or 90% of them) faced losses in FY22 alone, with the average loss being as high as Rs. 1.1 lakhs!

Speaking of this conflicting state of affairs, where retail trader participation in the options market continues to grow despite mounting losses, Nilesh Sharma, ED & President of SAMCO Securities, expresses his concerns and tells us about Options BRO, a tool that offers a possible solution to this widespread problem.

“Options traders often face losses not merely due to market volatility but because they lack access to tools that support critical comprehensive analysis. Instead, they tend to rely on guesswork over informed decision-making. The complexity of the options market, combined with a general misunderstanding of how to use data effectively, exacerbates this issue.

SAMCO's Options BRO addresses these challenges head-on by equipping traders with a tool that simplifies the intricacies of market data into understandable, actionable strategies. It eliminates the need for guesswork and empowers traders to adopt a data-driven strategy instead.”

Options BRO is available to users of the SAMCO trading app free of cost. In a market where entry-level tools that offer far fewer analytical insights are typically available at a steep premium, SAMCO Securities is disrupting the status quo and democratising access to crucial tools that improve the profitability of options trading.

The Many Ways in Which Options BRO is Disrupting the Options Trading Ecosystem

Options BRO is aptly named because it helps traders build, research and optimise their options trading strategies. Many aspects set SAMCO's options strategy tool apart from its peers. Here is a preview of how this options strategy builder is disrupting options trading for retail participants in the F&O segment.

1. Addressing Core Trader Challenges

Options BRO by SAMCO is designed to tackle the significant challenges faced by options traders, a notable one being the high loss rate of 90% as highlighted by SEBI's report. The strategy builder addresses the challenge of low success rates by revolutionising the trading experience and offering a unified platform for comprehensive options analysis. It also addresses the critical issues of data fragmentation, the complexity of options data analysis and the high-risk perception of options trading.

2. Simplified Trading Process

Options BRO also simplifies the trading process to just three steps, drastically reducing the complexity involved in options trading. Traders only need to provide inputs about the security they want to trade, the expiry and their market view. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for traders to manually sift through thousands of unique options strategies, apply complex option Greeks or assess the impact of events on implied volatility — which are all cumbersome and error-prone tasks.

3. Humanly Impossible Analysis

Another factor that sets Options BRO apart is its capability to perform what's humanly impossible. The tool performs over 1.5 lakh mathematical computations, evaluates more than 2,000 option contracts and analyses over 1,000 strategies in just one second. This feat ensures that traders can base their decisions on the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available and leads to better-informed options trading strategies.

4. Strategic Recommendation System

Based on the trader's inputs, Options BRO recommends the top three strategies catering to different risk appetites — categorised as conservative, moderate and aggressive. This classification helps traders align their strategies with their individual risk tolerance levels and market outlook. Each recommended strategy also comes with a detailed analysis of the probability of profit, maximum profit and loss and the risk-reward ratio. This makes the tool highly versatile irrespective of the user's profile and preferences.

5. Advanced Analysis and One-Click Trade Execution

Options BRO rates and ranks each strategy by considering a myriad of data points like option Greeks, upcoming events, technical indicators and expected values. This depth of analysis is unparalleled and provides traders with insights that are typically only accessible to professional analysts. Moreover, with its one-click trade execution feature, the platform also simplifies the process of executing complex strategies. This is significantly more beneficial than placing multiple orders manually.

6. Personalisation and Exploration

Beyond the top three strategies, Options BRO also allows traders to explore over 1,000 strategy combinations. This allows them to further personalise their strategy selection using filters like probability of profit, required margin, maximum loss and more. By tailoring their options trading strategies to their exact preferences and financial constraints, Options BRO enhances the trading experience and improves trading outcomes.

SAMCO's Options BRO: Improving Trading Outcomes with Simple Yet Effective Strategy Building
By simplifying options trading and bringing all the essential sophisticated analytics to the palm of a trader's hand, SAMCO Securities has accomplished the unimaginable. Trading in the options segment no longer needs to be a daunting task for individuals venturing into this market segment. Even for seasoned options traders who belong to the 90% of loss-making participants, Options BRO can be the one tool that makes the long-due difference for traders — between failure and success in their trading performance.

Furthermore, Nilesh Sharma explains the ultimate USP of SAMCO's Options BRO, which is its zero-fee proposition.

“We offer this comprehensive strategy builder free of cost to traders in the SAMCO trading app. This is a game-changer for the average retail trader, who is already facing mounting losses from speculative or naked options trading in the market. With Options BRO, these traders can turn things around for the better and implement efficient strategies that hedge their positions in the market.

This way, irrespective of the direction in which the market moves, the overall risk is capped at a level chosen by the trader. What's more, Options BRO also combines all crucial analytical metrics in one smooth user interface, so traders can build, research, optimise and execute their trades from the SAMCO trading app itself.”

With Options BRO, traders need not worry about switching between multiple platforms or comparing options trading metrics through different portals. SAMCO Securities has made all these crucial analytical tools available in the SAMCO trading app, so traders can save time and implement winning strategies within seconds, while the optimal market conditions last and before prices change in this dynamic market segment.

To use this pioneering options strategy builder and access a host of other trading and analytical tools for free, traders only need to choose SAMCO and download the SAMCO trading app today.

About SAMCO Securities

SAMCO Securities was incorporated by Mr Jimeet Modi, Founder & CEO of SAMCO Group in 2015. As the country's leading flat-fee brokerage and wealth-tech platform, SAMCO Securities provides retail investors access to sophisticated financial technology and makes their wealth-creation journey simple, informed, and cost effective. SAMCO Securities' mission is to eliminate the existing challenges faced by traders and investors and democratise access to the wealth management process for every Indian. With customer centricity at SAMCO's core, we implement a quantitative approach to provide differentiated solutions that empower our customers in acing the capital markets.

SAMCO Securities is pioneering the stock market trading by introducing industry-first features like My Trade Story, Personal Index and Trade Spread Sheet to name a few under its CRP strategy.

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