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EssayGPT Review: The All-in-One AI Essay Writing Copilot

In this EssayGPT review, we present an in-depth analysis of the all-in-one AI essay writing copilot

EssayGPT Review: The All-in-One AI Essay Writing Copilot

Writing essays can be time-consuming and exhausting. From researching and organizing information to writing and editing, the process can take hours. But what if there was an AI assistant that could handle all the heavy lifting?

EssayGPT, a powerful AI essay tool, claims to provide a smart, one-stop solution for all your academic writing needs. It promises to handle tasks from research and outlining to drafting full papers according to any citation style or specification.

In this review, we will take a closer look at EssayGPT's remarkable features and see if it can live up to its promise. So read on!

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EssayGPT is an all-in-one virtual assistant for essay writing, aiming to streamline the entire process from start to finish.

It consists of a Generator that can craft outlines or drafts, a Writer workspace for editing, research, citation insertion, plagiarism checks, and formatting, and ScholarChat, a research chatbot that answers questions on researching sources.

By consolidating these functions into a single AI system, EssayGPT simplifies essay writing tasks and offers a convenient platform for users to create, refine, and enhance their essays efficiently.

Core Features of EssayGPT

EssayGPT's comprehensive suite of tools creates a seamless and streamlined essay writing experience, assisting users at every stage of the writing process. Now, let's take a closer look at each tool.

Generator (A powerful AI essay generator)

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EssayGPT's Generator is a powerful tool designed to assist users in generating high-quality essays that are tailored to their specific requirements. Users have the flexibility to customize a few options, including:

Choose Essay Types

With its cutting-edge algorithms and language models, the Generator can work with various essay types. Whether you need to generate narrative, persuasive, comparative, or informative essays, it has got you covered.

Specify Keywords

Users can provide specific keywords or topics to guide the essay generation process. By naturally integrating keywords throughout the text, the essay becomes more focused and aligned with the desired subject matter, improving its effectiveness in conveying the intended message to readers.

Configure Word Count and Languages

Additionally, the Generator can flexibly adapt to 30+ different languages, allowing users to create essays in their preferred language, be it French, Spanish, Japanese, or even Mandarin. Users can also specify the desired word count to meet their assignment or project requirements.

Humanize AI Essay

One notable aspect is Generator's ability to humanize the AI-generated text, producing content that reads naturally and coherently. This adds a personal touch to the essay, enhancing the overall quality and making it difficult to distinguish from text written by a human.

With these varying specifications, EssayGPT's Generator empowers users to effortlessly create customized and well-written essays.

Customize Titles

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After providing the necessary input, the Generator can suggest multiple potential titles for the essay. Users have the flexibility to choose a title from the generated options that best aligns with their desired essay direction. Alternatively, users can also choose to write their own title if they already have a specific idea in mind.

Configure Outline

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Once users determine the essay's title, they can rely on EssayGPT to create a well-structured outline, acting as a structured framework.

Users have the flexibility to edit, delete, add, or rearrange the outline as needed. They can fine-tune the order of sections, modify the content, or even incorporate their own ideas seamlessly.

This feature empowers users to have complete control over the organization and flow of their essays, ensuring that their ideas are effectively conveyed and structured in a cohesive manner.

Generate the Essay Draft

Once users have determined the outline, the Generator uses sophisticated algorithms and language models to generate a complete draft that aligns with the chosen structure. This draft serves as a solid foundation for users to build upon. Users can then refine the content, rephrase sentences, or even add their own ideas, tailoring the draft to their unique writing style.

Writer (A comprehensive workspace for AI essay editing and enhancement)

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Within EssayGPT's Writer workspace, users have access to a comprehensive set of AI-powered tools to refine and enhance their written work. With these advanced features, users can elevate the quality of their essays seamlessly. The workspace includes the following capabilities:

AI-Powered Writing Tools

The Writer workspace is equipped with AI tools that can assist users in creating abstracts, rewriting, or summarizing sections of their essays. All they need to do is type // to call out the instant toolbar.

Research Tool

EssayGPT's Writer workspace incorporates a research tool powered by an extensive database of over 200 million sources. Users can conveniently search and access credible information and reference materials to enhance the accuracy and depth of their essays.

Citation Insertion

To ensure academic integrity, EssayGPT offers built-in citation insertion capabilities. Users can easily add proper citations for their sources, adhering to a variety of citation styles such as APA, MLA, or Chicago.

Plagiarism Checks

EssayGPT includes a plagiarism checker to help users maintain originality in their work. With this feature, users can scan their essays to ensure that they have appropriately credited sources and avoid unintentional plagiarism.

Formatting Assistance

The Writer workspace provides formatting assistance, helping users ensure that their essays meet specific style and formatting guidelines. Whether it's formatting headings, margins, or citations, the tool aids in creating a polished and professional appearance for the final essay.

Grammar Checker

The AI-powered grammar checker instantly scans the essay, providing real-time suggestions for grammatical improvements. Users can ensure their writing is error-free and polished, enhancing overall readability so they can submit the assignment confidently.

One-Click Export

EssayGPT facilitates seamless content export with a simple one-click functionality. Users can conveniently export their finished essays in various file formats, making it easy to submit or share their work.

ScholarChat (A research assistant chatbot)

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ScholarChat is a research assistant chatbot, equipped with a myriad of capabilities that elevate your research process to new heights. Leveraging its access to over 200 million academic papers, ScholarChat offers a range of invaluable capabilities to enhance your scholarly endeavors:

Science-based Answers

Engage in a conversation with ScholarChat to receive science-backed answers to your research questions. By tapping into its vast academic paper database, ScholarChat provides you with trusted and evidence-based information.

Research Insights

ScholarChat goes beyond simple question-and-answer interactions. It can offer valuable research insights derived from a comprehensive analysis of academic papers, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your subject matter.

Source Recommendations

ScholarChat provides recommendations for relevant academic papers, guiding you to authoritative sources that align with your research topic. These recommendations enable you to access valuable research material and expand your knowledge base.

Topic Exploration

With ScholarChat, you can explore various research topics. Engage in discussions, express your interests, and receive tailored suggestions for papers and resources related to your chosen subject area.

Introducing EssayGPT's Additional Free Tools

In addition to its core platform, EssayGPT offers a range of additional free tools that cater to a diverse audience and elevate the writing process. Among these tools, EssayGPT introduces Two GPTs. Users can leverage the chat models provided by EssayGPT, accessible through the following links:

These innovative tools facilitate conversational interactions and AI-generated essay writing, offering users flexibility and creative possibilities in their writing endeavors.

To enhance accessibility and provide users with a seamless experience, EssayGPT also offers the free website, where users can be conveniently redirected to the main EssayGPT platform. There, they can explore the comprehensive suite of tools, access valuable resources, and take full advantage of the AI-powered capabilities to enhance their writing experience.


Throughout this review, we have explored the remarkable capabilities and additional free tools offered by EssayGPT. Whether it's generating content, receiving assistance, or accessing additional resources, EssayGPT revolutionizes the way we approach essay writing. Embrace the power of EssayGPT and unlock your full writing potential today.

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