This Article is From Apr 11, 2017

Woman Reaches Into Supermarket Fridge, Finds 12-Foot Python

Woman Reaches Into Supermarket Fridge, Finds 12-Foot Python

A woman trying to pick up yoghurt from a supermarket fridge found something else 'chilling' inside

New Delhi: It's not easy running a supermarket store. Shoppers can never find what's kept in which alley and the price tags are never in their place. But Martie Esnouf, the manager at a Spar store in Cape Town was called to the dairy section for a very unusual problem.

A woman shopper who had reached out to get some yoghurt from the refrigerator instead found a 12-foot python 'chilling' inside. She screamed 'snake' when she realised it wasn't a dairy product she grabbed. Luckily for the customer, the cold-blooded creature was fast asleep in the chiller section.

Staff say the African Rock Python could have entered the store through the roof or the drain before getting comfy in the fridge. "We have a lot of bush behind the shops and there are lots of snakes in there. We were telling people not to panic and reassuring them that it was safe," the manager told Daily Mail.

Local snake-catchers were called to deal with the situation. They cleared out the refrigerator until they could see the snake. They then pulled it out and put it in a sack. According to The Sun, the creature was safely rescued and will be released into a national park.

The photos of the encounter have been circulated on social media
The African Rock Python is a non-venomous snake but can crush its victims to death and then swallow the entire body.

As for the woman, think she is done with the dairy section for now.

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