This Article is From Mar 30, 2023

To Raise Awareness, UK Man Filling Potholes With Pot Noodles

A British man is so annoyed with potholes that he's filling them with pot noodles to get them fixed.

To Raise Awareness, UK Man Filling Potholes With Pot Noodles

Mark Morrell, aka Mr. Pothole, with a pothole filled with noodles.

Mark Morell, a retired British man who is also known as "Mr. Pothole" in UK media, has become so fed up with potholes that he has started to cook pot noodles in them to raise awareness about them, according to The Metro.

Mr Morell has teamed up with the iconic noodle brand to urge the government to take action over the sheer number of potholes, reported the media outlet.

He has previously tried the ideas of floating rubber ducks and feeding potholes cake on their birthday, but all of them were unsuccessful in getting the attention of the authorities.

"Since nothing fills a hole like a pot noodle, who better to team up with to highlight the ridiculous state of the UK's roads?," Mr Morell said.


"Potholes drive road users potty and me more than most. The pothole crisis across the UK is an increasingly serious issue and something I have been campaigning on for more than 10 years," he added.

"During this period, I have had to use my noodle with stunts to highlight just how bad potholes are, from floating plastic ducks in water-filled potholes to birthday cakes, fishing rods, and model submarines,".

According to the 2022 Guardian report, "for Morrell, potholes aren't just a nuisance but a menace. He's met with the families of cyclists who have been killed after being flung into oncoming traffic by a pothole. Each week, one cyclist dies or is left with life-changing injuries because of a pothole on Britain's roads, according to a 2019 Freedom of Information request. "Those deaths are avoidable," he says.

"If the government resurfaced our roads properly, we could get rid of most potholes."

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