This Article is From Nov 04, 2020

This Twitter Exchange Between Starbucks And Flipkart Is Brew-lliant

"Hey @Flipkart, it's time to flip your cart in my direction," wrote Starbucks India.

This Twitter Exchange Between Starbucks And Flipkart Is Brew-lliant

A Twitter exchange between Starbucks and Flipkart has netizens amused.

This Twitter exchange between Starbucks India and Flipkart is all kinds of brilliant - or, as Starbucks would put it, brew-lliant. 

Last month, Tata Starbucks announced that its range of signature merchandise would be available on Flipkart. Starbucks enthusiasts can now order its range of mugs, tumblers and other essentials from the e-commerce platform.

The announcement created a buzz among Starbucks lovers, and now a Twitter exchange between the two has left their followers in splits. 

"Hey @Flipkart, it's time to flip your cart in my direction. I have some stuff I think you'll enjoy!" wrote Starbucks India on Twitter this evening, earning an equally witty response from Flipkart. 

"Well, @StarbucksIndia you've e-comm to the right guy! Aisle be right there!" Flipkart replied.

The pun-filled exchange amused several Twitter users, and did not stop there. 

Starbucks promised to fill Flipkart with " fa-brew-lousness", to which the platform responded by saying, "Send 'em over, bud. I'll make some room on my shelves for your merchandise."

"Knew I could count on you! You're brew-lliant, mate, Starbucks then replied, before concluding the conversation by looking forward to "a latte fun and a mug-nificent friendship."

The witty exchange between the two companies has amused many on the microblogging platform. 

"Something is brewing between these two," wrote one person in the comments section, while others wondered if Flipkart would soon be delivering coffee.

In October, Starbucks had announced their brand store, writing: "Now order the Starbucks range of mugs, tumblers, select essentials and have it delivered at your doorstep! Only on Flipkart."

Tata Starbucks CEO Navin Gurnaney had said that the partnership would allow them to "connect with customers in more ways than ever through premium, curated Starbucks merchandise and a convenient experience that reflects the same service and quality that our customers have come to love and expect from us in our stores."

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