This Article is From May 13, 2021

Sonu Sood Has Found A "Superwoman" In This Visually-Challenged YouTuber

"A true hero," wrote Sonu Sood for Boddu Naga Lakshmi

Sonu Sood Has Found A 'Superwoman' In This Visually-Challenged YouTuber

Boddu Naga Lakshmi donated Rs 15,000 to the Sood Charity Foundation

You don't need eyesight to see someone's pain. Often tragedies witness people emerge as heroes who go beyond their call to serve humanity. The coronavirus pandemic saw actor Sonu Sood helping thousands of people who were stranded during the lockdown. Now, Mr Sood himself has found a “superwoman” whose act of selflessness is winning hearts. The actor shared a picture of Boddu Naga Lakshmi, a visually-challenged YouTuber, who has donated Rs15,000 to the Sood Charity Foundation.

Calling her a true hero, the actor wrote, “Boddu Naga Lakshmi, a blind girl and a YouTuber, from Varikuntapadu, a small village, in Andhra Pradesh has donated Rs 15,000 to Sood Charity Foundation. And that's her pension for 5 months. For me, she's the richest Indian. You don't need eyesight to see someone's pain. A true hero.”

The tweet spread like wildfire on the social media platform. So far, it has garnered more than 22,000 likes and has been retweeted about 4,000 times.

One of the comments came from Naga Lakshmi's brother who thanked Mr Sood for letting the world know about his sister's gesture.

A user wrote, “Telugu Girl proud of it.”

Calling her a true angel, a person said, “Boddu Naga Lakshmi is a messiah of God and divine powers. Yes, yes, yes, she is an angel. My grand salute to her. I bend my head and touch her sacred feet for her true blessings.”

Another said only real heroes have the talent to recognise real talent.

Then there were a few who wanted to know the procedure to donate.

A user asked Mr Sood to help with some medicines.

Another shared a screenshot of his contribution and wrote, “A small contribution from my end. May God give more strength to you to help the helpless.”

Mr Sood is leaving no stone unturned to help people in every way possible. From getting medicines delivered to arranging beds, he is doing his bit to help the nation deal with the crisis.

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