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She Became A Pilot Against All Odds. Read Mumbai Woman's Inspiring 7-Year Story

She faced multiple failures, opposition from her family and financial difficulties for seven years to become a pilot

She Became A Pilot Against All Odds. Read Mumbai Woman's Inspiring 7-Year Story

Ankita's story of overcoming obstacles to become a pilot has left everyone impressed.

Where there is a will, there's a way - and nothing illustrates this point better than a recent post shared on the Humans of Bombay Facebook page. The story of Ankita, a Mumbai woman who faced financial difficulties, multiple failures and opposition from her family, but never gave up on her dream of becoming a pilot, has left many touched and impressed.

In a post shared about 16 hours ago, Ankita talks about how she faced her first obstacle on the road to becoming a pilot in the form of financial difficulties - the course that she wanted to do in the US cost 25 lakhs. "Still, my mom fought for me and finally dad took out a loan and gave me his blessing," she says.

However, after her training, Ankita had a tough time finding a job. For two years, she applied for various positions while enduring taunts from her relatives. "Some said my parents spent 'too much on a girl's education', others said, 'you should've made her a doctor'... after a point, I started believing it too."

But not one to give up easily, Ankita applied for an air hostess position - and got through after four attempts!

"My dream was to see myself in that pilot's uniform -- I knew that being an air hostess wasn't going to last," she says.

And so, to clear the five exams she needed to take to become a pilot, Ankita says she studied during lunch breaks, in the washroom, while on trains and buses - every free moment she had while holding down a full-time job.

Her many years of hard work and facing multiple failures paid off when she topped India in that exam and got a full scholarship for her pilot training.

"Finally, after 7 long years I would wear that uniform. My first flight was to Baroda and I tripped over a bag when I saw people staring at me, proud to see a female pilot. I was even asked for an autograph by a little girl, because she thought I was the captain of the plane!"

Read the inspiring post below:


Despite all the odds stacked against her, Ankita succeeded - and that seems to have inspired everyone reading her story. Since being shared online, her post has collected over 4,500 'shares' and thousands of comments.

"Yes yes yes!!!! So proud to you. What a success story!" says one impressed commenter. "I want your autograph as well," writes another. "I don't know you Ankita, but hats off to you for never giving up, I hope millions of people read your story & get inspired," a third writes.

Humans of Bombay also shared a photograph that condensed Ankita's inspiring journey into four frames:


Ask her how she got through it all and Ankita sums it up nicely: "When everything was crashing around me, I just said to myself -- I AM going to land safely, I just need to calmly think of how I'll do it -- and I did it!"


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