This Article is From Jun 28, 2018

Parades, Parties And Tequila: 'Grateful' Mexico Toasts South Korea's Win

Jubilant Mexico fans celebrated their new found alliance with South Korea after the latter defeated Germany, sending Mexico to last 16 of the World Cup.

Parades, Parties And Tequila: 'Grateful' Mexico Toasts South Korea's Win

Mexican fans celebrate South Korea's victory over Germany at Zocalo Square in Mexico City (AFP)

In case you missed last night's developments at the FIFA World Cup in Russia, a lot happened. Sweden defeated Mexico 3-0 to surge into the top 16 of the tournament. But despite the loss, Mexico managed to qualify for the next round and join Sweden. This was made possible by South Korea that beat defending champions Germany. Despite not qualifying for the last 16 themselves, South Korea's 2-0 win sent Germany back home and Mexico to the knockout stage. And the loudest celebrations came from the Mexican side. Jubilant Mexican fans in Russia and across the world made sure South Koreans knew how thankful they were to their team.

Videos circulating on Twitter show ecstatic Mexicans celebrating with South Korean football supporters, many lifting them up on their shoulders and others threw impromptu 'Thank You' parades. Chants of "Korea, Korea" filled up the air in Russia.





The celebrations were not restricted to just Russia. Back in Mexico, the South Korea consul general celebrated his country's bittersweet victory with some fans outside the embassy. One fan hoisted the diplomat on his shoulder. The diplomat and the fans even shared tequila shots together.

"There's no distinction between Mexicans and Koreans today. We're celebrating together." consul general Bjoung-jin Han told Reuters.


And Mexicans in other parts of the world said they would visit the Korea Towns in their cities to thank them in person.


Meanwhile, Germany's exit from the World Cup had Twitter buzzing. This is the first time since 1938 that the team failed to make it past the group stages of the World Cup.

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