Man Doesn't Poop For 26 Days After 'Swallowing Drugs', Cops On #PooWatch

Twitter is thoroughly entertained

Man Doesn't Poop For 26 Days After 'Swallowing Drugs', Cops On #PooWatch

'Can't believe I'm interested in a stranger's toilet habits,' says a Twitter user

A suspected drug dealer has somehow managed to capture the attention of the Internet thanks to his reluctance to take a poop. The man was busted by the police in UK and is believed to have swallowed his stash. So, cops are now on a 'poo watch' as they wait for him to use the toilet. As the man's toilet strike enters Day 26, Op Raptor West has been tweeting updates from the case keeping Twitter thoroughly entertained.

According to initial tweets posted by Op Raptor West, the gangs and urban street crime unit for some areas, the man was arrested in Harlow for possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply. "Male doesn't think we have the power to keep him until he removes said items from his bottom," said a tweet posted on January 18, two days after the arrest.

Another tweet posted a day later informed everyone that the man had been in custody for 50 hours. Not only did he refuse to go to the toilet, he had also refused food.
Days turned into weeks as Op Raptor West kept tweeting updates - or the lack of them - from the case. They also mentioned that the man was being checked by a doctor.
They eventually started using the hashtag #PooWatch with all the tweets.
The last update from the case was made on February 10, Day 24.
While there won't be any more updates on this matter, a spokesperson has told that they will make one final announcement "when he does what he needs to do".

Meanwhile Twitter cannot help but keep track of the on goings of this #PooWatch.

"I'm on the edge of my toilet!" says on Twitter user. "This bloke is amazing. He should be on Britain's Got Talent" says another.

Here's how some others have reacted:
A police spokeswoman told BBC that the longest a suspect had gone without using a toilet was believed to be 23 days. Guess, we'll have to wait and watch to find out how long this man goes without using a toilet.Click for more trending news

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