UK PM Theresa May Laughing Becomes Viral Meme. Twitter Overjoyed

UK PM Theresa May Laughing Becomes Viral Meme. Twitter Overjoyed

'Laughing Theresa May' recently became a favourite meme on Twitter.


  • British PM seen throwing her head back, laughing in the House of Commons
  • She was reacting to a remark Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn made
  • Clip of her laughing quickly became a meme, went viral on social media
New Delhi: The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, found herself to be the subject of Twitter's relentless trolling on March 8. A short clip of her throwing her head back and chuckling, shoulders heaving, soon found itself to be Twitter's favourite meme. Ms May was seen throwing her head back and laughing during the Prime Minister's Questions (often abbreviated as PMQs) in the House of Commons. The reason for her mirth seems to be Jeremy Corbyn's comment: "The text, Mr Speaker, said there was a memorandum of understanding, the PM said there was no deal, she is now unclear about this."

The leader was accused of being 'unclear' about whether there was a 'sweetheart deal' with the Surrey Council.

While many accused her of feigning her laugh, calling it 'pantomime' laughter, some compared it to a comic 'supervillain's laugh.' Most agreed that the clip was indeed meme-worthy.

You can check out the funniest memes below:

1. He called it
2. Some pointed fingers
3. Some were vicious with their jokes
4. Natural. Got it.
5. Some went straight to Photoshop... and nailed it
6. President Trump managed to get trolled here as well
7. Some netizens could relate
8. And others drew comparisons
9. People were not happy
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