In Bizarre Incident, Teacher Makes Kids Wear Boxes To Prevent Cheating

Furious parents have demanded that the teacher be dismissed

In Bizarre Incident, Teacher Makes Kids Wear Boxes To Prevent Cheating

A picture shared online shows students with cardboard boxes on their heads.

A school teacher is in hot water for making his students wear cardboard boxes on their heads in a bid to prevent cheating. The bizarre incident took place in a school in the central Mexican state of Tlaxcala, according to Daily Mail.

Furious parents have demanded that ethics and values teacher Luis Juarez Texis be dismissed from the school for making a classroom full of students wear cardboard boxes during an exam to stop them from copying from each other.

One outraged parents shared a photograph of the scene, which shows children wearing boxes with holes cut out for the eyes.

"We hope that this type of violence against the Tlaxcalteca youth is not overlooked, and that the federal and state authorities dismiss this public official and that they cease this type of humiliation in a space destined for learning," he wrote, according to a translation provided by The Sun.

In response to the backlash, the school explained through a Facebook post on Thursday that it was a "dynamic exercise" to help "the students' psychomotor development". According to Ladbible, they added that the students had consented to the exercise.

In 2018, Algeria went offline for the start of high school diploma exams to stop students from cheating.


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