This Article is From May 01, 2020

Coronavirus: Neighbours Applaud Doctor Who Returned Home After 20 Days

Over 11 million views for this moving video - and counting.

Coronavirus: Neighbours Applaud Doctor Who Returned Home After 20 Days

Neighbours organised a special welcome for a doctor working at a coronavirus hospital.

A doctor was moved to tears when her family and neighbours came together to welcome her home after 20 days of working at the hospital. A touching video that is going massively viral online shows society residents gathering at the front gate of their building to applaud the doctor, who had been working in the ICU Department of a hospital where COVID-19 patients are treated. 

In the video, some residents of the society are seen stepping forward to shower the doctor with petals, while others applaud and hold up placards to welcome her and thank her for her service. Some are also seen banging utensils as a sign of gratitude. The doctor is seen breaking down in tears at the warm welcome. 

Footage of the special welcome has been going viral on social media. It was shared this morning on the government's "Corona Hub" Facebook page, which is dedicated to news and information regarding the pandemic. Watch it below:

Since being shared on Facebook, the video has collected a whopping 11 million views and more than a million 'likes'. 

"Salute to the lady and all the Corona warriors all over the world," wrote one person in the comments section. 

"Moments like this fill the heart with happiness. This is the spirit of India," said another. 

Medical professionals, police personnel and other essential workers who are at the frontline of the fight against coronavirus have been dubbed "Corona warriors" on social media. In April, millions across the country came out on their balconies to clap for these coronavirus warriors following PM Narendra's Modi's appeal.

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