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10 Content Creators Worth Following On Instagram

Here are the handpicked 10 best Instagram accounts that will inspire you to get creative with your own style.

10 Content Creators Worth Following On Instagram

It's easy to go down a rabbit hole of doom-scrolling on Instagram, image after image of influencers and content creators who largely look the same and dress the same. This is exactly why we've scoured through numerous accounts of some of the chicest personalities on the platform, and handpicked the 10 best who will inspire you to get creative with your own style.

Deepshikha Khanna

When it comes to clothing, there's a sweet spot between looking chic and being comfortable. A scroll through Deepshikha Khanna's account perfectly encapsulates this in-between spot. As creative director of FLOW, a clothing label available exclusively at Good Earth, her knowledge of handlooms and textiles has helped her build a sustainable wardrobe comprising mainly earthy neutrals, perfect for a minimal summer look. Instagram: @dailystylematters

Arushi Mehra

From snowy Austria to sunny Florida, Arushi Mehra's Instagram account is perhaps what every traveller would dream of. Her style is as eclectic as her numerous sojourns, from pretty dresses to stylish basics. If Carrie Bradshaw was to appear in Emily in Paris, Mehra's account would be her moodboard. Instagram: @arushi.mehra_

Palak Shah

As the founder of Ekaya, India's first luxury handloom label, Palak Shah's style reinvents classics by giving them a modern twist, be it with a pant-suit made from traditional Banarasi fabric or a saree draped unconventionally. In fact, her Instagram account doubles as a masterclass in how to drape a saree in different ways for different occasions. Instagram: @palakshah

Varun Agarwal

Known as @settlesubtle on Instagram, Varun Agarwal can easily be mistaken for actor Siddhant Chaturvedi a.k.a MC Sher from the film Gully Boy (2019). What started off as a passion project documenting his daily look on Instagram eventually turned into a full-time job. Like Chaturvedi, Agarwal's choice of bold colours and patterned shirts make dressing up look effortless and cool. Instagram: @settlesubtle

Jeet Tailor

All of 19 years, Jeet Tailor describes his account as a way to display the art he has in his wardrobe to the world. With a mix of slick and street-style looks, Tailor's choice of clothing consists of a whole lot of prints and colours that he manages to combine together effortlessly. Instagram: @jeet_tailor

Osman Abdul Razak

Whether he's donning custom-tailored lounge wear or a sleek suit, Razak's sartorial picks have the ruggedness of James Dean and the stylish looks of Marlon Brando. From tailored suits to chic loafers, his outfits are straight out of a classic '80s Hollywood film. Instagram: @osmanabdulrazak


On Instagram, Shiran breaks the many stereotypes about how women are supposed to dress a certain way after having children. A mother to three kids, her style remains sexy, particularly her envious collection of designer bags, from Prada and Channel to Bottega Veneta and Hermès. Instagram: @styledbyshishi

Gabriel Waller

A personal shopper, Gabriel Waller's client list includes fashion icons like Hailey Beiber, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley , Chiara Ferragni and Khloé Kardashian. So it comes as no surprise that her Instagram account is a gold mine of recommendations of luxury products that are minimal yet chic, from Hermès' Oran sandals to Chanel's white sneakers. Instagram: @gabwallerdotcom

Misha Japanwala

Remember the iconic Nicky Minaj album cover of Queen from 2018 and Cardi B's pregnancy photoshoot from 2021, both featuring a breastplate? That's courtesy of visual artist and fashion designer Misha Japanwala. Her signature breastplates and other wearable sculptures have created waves online for the message they send across about the reclamation of the female body and how we choose to depict it. Instagram: @mishajapanwala

Toktam NK

Toktam NK's Instagram account is replete with inspiration for jewellery that is unique, fun and quirky, be it Schiaparelli's exuberant statement pieces or "teeth jewellery" made by a dental technician in Paris. If bits and baubles excite you, this account is a must-follow.

Instagram: @tliketwinkle

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