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Passengers At Airport Can Choose Between 2 Tests: 5 Latest Facts

'At risk' countries include those that have confirmed cases of the highly transmissible Omicron strain.

Passengers At Airport Can Choose Between 2 Tests: 5 Latest Facts

Passengers can opt between the Rapid PCR or RT-PCR tests at the Delhi airport.

New Delhi: Airports across the country have enforced strict quarantine and testing rules for international passengers amid concern over the Omicron Covid strain. Passengers have been given the option to undergo either the Rapid PCR or RT-PCR test.

Here are the top 10 updates on this big story:

  1. At Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, passengers are being charged ₹ 500 for the RT-PCR tests, the test result of which will be available in 5-6 hours, officials told NDTV. Those who opt for Rapid PCR tests need to shell out ₹ 3,900 at the airport. The results of these tests are however available in one hour, the officials added.

  2. Meanwhile, international passengers flying to Chennai from 'at risk' countries will need to pay Rs 4,000 for Rapid test while those opting for regular RT-PCR will pay Rs 900.

  3. At Mumbai airport, fliers from 'at-risk' countries will undergo mandatory seven-day institutional quarantine, during which time they must take three RT-PCR tests - on the second, fourth and seventh days after arrival. Incase all the tests come negative, the passenger will have to undergo a further 7days of home quarantine.

  4. Those opting for the antigen tests at the Bengaluru airport need to pay Rs 3,900 per test and those taking the RT-PCR test will be charged Rs 500 per test.

  5. 'Omicron' - found in at least 13 countries so far - was declared a variant of concern last week by the WHO with the classification putting it in the same category as globally dominant Delta, and its weaker rivals Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

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