In Bihar College Exams, Three Persons Help Each Candidate

Students freely using books, notes and cell phones to write their exam.

Samastipur, Bihar: The arrest of Delhi's former law minster Jitender Singh Tomar this week has highlighted how stretched the education system is in Bihar, from where the police allege he procured a forged law degree. 

About 200 km away from Munger - where Mr Tomar is being taken by the police today as part of their investigation into the allegations against him - is Samastipur. At the women's college there, 3000 students sat in a hall meant for 800, writing a third year Bachelor of Science examination this morning. 

They sat packed tightly on the ground, some in the corridors or wherever else they could find space, with the hall unable to accommodate any more people. 

Pages torn out of books and even whole books and mobile phones were on display as the students used them liberally to cheat. 

There were no checks.

Arun Kumar, in charge of the examination centre said he was helpless. "We are dealing with 3000 students and only have seating capacity for 800. So what can I do except getting them to sit on the ground. On cheating, I have no knowledge but we are trying to manage the situation as best as we can."

In March this year, the Bihar government was taken to task by the Patna High Court over large-scale copying in the matriculation examinations, leading to exams being cancelled at some centres and the arrest of parents and cops who aided in the cheating. 

The Delhi Police have said Mr Tomar could have been a part of a fake degree racket, or got his degree from one. But looking at these images, it's hard to imagine why one would need a fake degree when exam centres are so unduly liberal.
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