Assam Starts 2-Day Drive To Burn In Public Drugs Worth Rs 163 Crore

Four locations have been selected for burning drugs. The drive was held at Diphu and Golaghat today, it will be held at Nagaon and Hojai tomorrow

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma set fire to drugs in Dhipu and Golaghat.


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma today set fire to heaps of drugs at two locations as the state government started its drive to destroy narcotics worth over Rs 170 crore seized over the past couple of months.

Four locations have been selected for the public burning of drugs. The drive was held at Diphu and Golaghat today and will be held at Nagaon and Hojai tomorrow.

Speaking at Golaghat in Upper Assam, Chief Minister Sarma said, "We have managed to recover narcotics worth Rs 163 crore over the past two months through the proactive action of our police department. This, however, is only 20-30 per cent of the state's narcotics market. This means Assam has a narcotics market worth Rs 2000-Rs 3000 crore."

Ever since Mr Sarma took charge as Chief Minister following the state elections earlier this year, the state police have stepped up its war on drugs.

According to an Assam Police release, 18.82 kg of heroin, 7944.72 kg cannabis, 67,371 bottles of cough syrup, 12,70,394 numbers of unprescribed sedative tablets, 1.93 kg of morphine, 3 kg methamphetamine and 3,313 kg of opium have been seized over the past couple of months.

Drugs coming from Myanmar are known to enter Karbi Anglong, where Diphu is located, and Golaghat through neighbouring state Nagaland.

"We were only aware that Assam was a transit route for narcotics from neighbouring countries to mainland India, but looking at the size of the narcotics market, we can say that this addiction has spread among several youths in Assam too," Mr Sarma said.

"There have been certain incidents in which those involved in drug trafficking cases tried to escape and police had to shoot at their legs. For these actions, our police has received certain criticism too. But, being Assam's CM, I give complete freedom to Assam Police to take sternest actions within the ambit of law while dealing with such criminals. In fact, I encourage them to take the strictest of the strict steps they can under the Code of Criminal Procedure," Mr Sarma said.

The Chief Minister shared visuals of setting fire to the drugs and added that 11.88 kg morphine, 2.89 kg crystal meth, 3.47 kg heroin, 102.91 kg Cannabis and 2,03,384 tablets were destroyed at Diphu. "Today in Golaghat, we destroyed 802 gm Heroin worth more than Rs 20 cr, 1205 kg Ganja/Cannabis, 3kg Opium & 2,06,906 nos tablets," he said in another tweet.

"Since the day I've assumed office, 874 cases have been registered, 1493 drugs dealers arrested & drugs worth Rs 163 cr have been seized," the Chief Minister added.