Hair Fall: Dermatologist Shares Possible Causes Of Male Baldness In 20s And Early 30s

Hair fall in men: Dermatologist Dr. Kiran stated the possible causes of baldness in at an early age.

Hair Fall: Dermatologist Shares Possible Causes Of Male Baldness In 20s And Early 30s

Hair fall: Hair fall affects both men and women these days

Hair fall is a common issue faced by both men and women. Many look for haircare tips online to save the tresses while others refer to grandma's desi nuskhe to control it. Gone are the days when only women use to worry about their hair. How to control baldness is a topic of discussion among men too. And, then there are men, who experience massive hair fall between the ages of early 20s or 30s. But why? Answering all the queries is dermatologist Dr Kiran, who has come up with a set of possible reasons behind the hair loss in men in 20s. In the video, Dr Kiran said that the "balding issue for men at an early age has become a genuine epidemic in recent times". She added that earlier men use to face this problem in their 50s or 60s but things have changed now.

Possible reasons behind early baldness in men:

1) Increased sugar in the diet - The intake of sugar has increased in your diet these days

2) Increased high-glycemic diet, which can cause insulin resistance, and increase hair fall

3) Not checking vitamins as some vitamin deficiency can lead to hair fall

4) The lifestyle you lead can affect your thyroid

5) Protein powders could be causing hair fall

At the end of the video, she suggested that you should bring some healthy changes to treat early balding.

Take a look at a detailed note by Dr Kiran:

Prior to this, Dr Kiran enlightened her viewers about vitamin C and the benefits of the "great antioxidant".

Dr Kiran had said that vitamin C can rejuvenate the skin cells while also protecting them from pigmentation. She added, "It can prevent and treat dullness, reduce mild pigmentation, improve elasticity and help prevent extrinsic ageing of the skin." She stated that it's a powerful antioxidant that is known to help make your skin radiant.

She advised that people must incorporate vitamin C-rich food into the diet and take vitamin supplements.

Coming back to her latest post related to balding, if you are experiencing extreme hair loss, you need to bring some healthy changes to your life.  If you notice no improvement, talk to an expert on time.

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