Father's Day 2019: Top 7 Gifts You Can Give Your Dad This Father's Day

Father's Day in 2019: Father's Day gift ideas are a plenty, but the ones that can promote good health can be surely more special. Here are some health-friendly gift options for your father. From fitness trackers to running shoes, an array of options right here!

Father's Day 2019: Top 7 Gifts You Can Give Your Dad This Father's Day

Father's Day Gift: Get your father some sports coaching for good health and positivity


  • A fitness tracking band can make for a good Father's Day gift
  • Sports coaching a couple of times a week can also be a good idea
  • Get new running shoes for you father this Father's Day

Father's Day 2019 will be observed on June 16. If you're out in the mall or the local market or just scrolling through amazon for a good gift for your father for Father's Day, look no further as we are here with some amazing gift options for your dad. This is especially important because all his life, your father has made all the efforts that he could to give you a happy, healthy and secured future. Now, it's your turn to help him become healthier and more aware of the things he needs to do in order to stay fit and healthy. Read below to know some amazing gifts to surprise your father with this Father's Day. 

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Father's Day: 7 gifts that are perfect for you father

1. Fitness trackers: Fitness bands and trackers were in the centre of all the fuss in the past few years. Get your hands on one of these and place it on your dad's wrist. What's crazy is that most of these bands tell the time too, so your dad has no excuse to not wear them replacing their wrist watch. These fitness trackers will help in keeping a track of his daily fitness levels, how many steps he walked or ran, which exercises to focus on, and which food to avoid and much more. We're sure your dad wouldn't like to miss the chance to flaunt a modern day gizmo like this one.

2. Nuts and dried fruits: Build the dried fruit box, to taste. We understand this is probably all you get from weddings, and other such formal events. But, get your dad a bag full of nuts that you must mandate that he eat daily. Almonds, pistachios and walnuts are a great choice, as they are particularly great for the heart. They are rich in protein and can be included in weight loss diet as well. 


Father's Day: Gift your dad a pack of nuts and dried fruits so that he can have healthy snacks handy
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3. An adventure sport: Now we're talking. Get your dad on a holiday  as Father's Day gift. Full family or not, we'll let you decide. If trekking the hills is your thing, look up packages online and be on the move. You may even take a trip to the islands down south, to explore the sea and its depths. Not only will the adrenaline rush get your dad jumping, but it will also help clear out some of the stress. In addition, the calories you might burn on top of that.

4. Sports coaching: Bet you didn't expect this one. Enroll your dad in a sport. 2-3 classes a week after work could do wonders for his health, physical and mental. It can be an amazing Father's Day gift. The best thing about sport, is that they come in varying levels of intensity. If precision, and accuracy is more his thing, then golf is ideal. If strength and speed is more so, maybe a more intense game of football or tennis.

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5. Running shoes: Is your dad giving the excuse that he's not working out, because he doesn't have the right shoes? Well, take the extra step. Go and get him those shoes from your nearest sports store. Then maybe go for a run immediately after in the nearby park.

6. Other equipments: There is always room for an upgrade when it comes to equipment you need for your workouts. Maybe more efficient wireless headphones to replace the earphones. A chin up bar at home instead of the monkey bars in the park. Nylon clothes to replace the sweat absorbent cotton t-shirt. There's just a lot you can do to boost his workout.

7. Time: Spend time with your man, and get him to smile. The smile can go a thousand miles in the road to wellness. If you're enterprising enough, you can make coupons for days out with you, such as a cycling day, a gym day and a cooking day. He can redeem them when the both of you find the time, and there you have it, the gift of time.

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