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Viral Flower Eggs: A Visual Feast for Your Breakfast, and Here's How You Can Make It

Viral Flower Eggs: These whimsical creations not only bring a burst of colour to your plate but also take your meal to a whole new level.

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Flower eggs are easy to make.

Imagine a plate adorned with bright yellow eggs that look like a vibrant flower - that's the magic of flower eggs - a viral culinary creation that took the internet by storm. This captivating trend goes beyond the ordinary, turning a simple breakfast staple into a work of art. The concept is simple yet mesmerizing: eggs are carefully shaped and cooked to resemble blooming flowers, creating a visually stunning and Instagram-worthy meal. These whimsical creations not only bring a burst of colour to your plate but also take your meal to a whole new level. And we found a video that shows exactly how to make them!

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How Flower Eggs Started an Online Trend


The viral trend of flower eggs is said to have originated in various parts of the world simultaneously, with food enthusiasts and home cooks experimenting with creative ways to present the humble egg. Social media platforms quickly caught on, turning flower eggs into a sensation that continues to captivate breakfast lovers. You must have seen a sunny side up decorated beautifully with cherry tomatoes and other ingredients to create a flower on the eggs. But this recipe that we found on the Instagram page 'chelseasyoga' shaped the egg itself into a vibrant yellow colour flower. The beauty lies in its simplicity.

Watch the flower eggs recipe video here:

How To Make Flower Eggs at Home | Viral Flower Eggs Recipe:

Take three firm eggs, crack them in a bowl, and whisk thoroughly to infuse air bubbles into them. This will help make the eggs fluffy and airy. Heat a pan, put some butter, and pour the whisked eggs. Let the eggs cook from the bottom for around two minutes. Then take a small spatula and lift up one portion of the upper layer. Pull it and move the egg in a clockwise direction around the pan, gradually taking in the entire cooked egg cake and folding it as you move around, forming a flower shape.


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The Flower Eggs recipe video has gone viral with over 21 million views! Comments like "This was so relaxing to watch" and "WOW! This is PERFECTION!" poured in. However, several viewers did not find the outcome fascinating enough. Many people felt that this recipe would lack flavour due to improper seasoning.


Would you like to give it a try after seasoning it as per your preference?

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