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Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna Shares His Favourite Places To Eat In Amritsar

Looking for where to eat in Amritsar? Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, born in the city, shares his personal favourite recommendations.

Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna Shares His Favourite Places To Eat In Amritsar

The celebrity chef had some interesting recommendations. Photo: Instagram/vikaskhannagroup

Amritsar is a city which is inescapable for every foodie visiting the country. Travel across the bylanes of Amritsar and you'll find so much delicious food that will have you licking your fingers with each bite. From deep-fried puris to smoky Tandoori kulchas, ghee-laden sweets to scrumptious snacks - there is so much that the city has to offer. Michelin-star chef Vikas Khanna recently revealed his personal favourite places to eat in Amritsar. He was in the city to seek blessings from his mother ahead of his shoot, and he took some time out of his busy schedule to gorge upon some wholesome food. Take a look:

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If you are planning a trip to Amritsar and wondering where to eat, look no further than this list. Vikas Khanna has time and again shared his love for his birthplace, and now you can take notes from his personal recommendations of the best places to eat in Amritsar. "From late legend Anthony Bourdain to Gordon Ramsay... One of the most common questions they asked me was, "WHAT ARE MY FAVORITE PLACES TO EAT IN AMRITSAR?" I love. (Save it and thank me later or don't thank me....just enjoy this," wrote Vikas Khanna in the caption of his post.

Here are the Best Food Places In Amritsar that Vikas Khanna recommended:

1. Kanha Puri. Lawrence Road

2. Lubhaya Ram, Outside DAV Collage Aam Papad Chaat

3. Sharma Gulab Jamun and Jalebi

4. Maqbool Road ke Amritsari Kulchas

5. Bheera Chicken

6. Makhan Fish

7. Durga Fruit Cream

8. Basant Avenue Boo wale Kulchas

9. Kesar da Dhaba

10. Goli Wali Botal or Bunta Botal with lemon and masala 

11. Gian Peda Lassi

12. Mathura Bun Tikki

13. Brijwasi Papri Chaat

14. Kulfa on Queens Road

15. Motichoor Ladoo from Bansal

Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna further added after the list, "2 places that are sacred for me are my home kitchen and Golden Temple langar. Forever." The video shared by the celebrity chef has already received over 652k views and 60k likes. People appreciated the chef's personal recommendations about what to eat in Amritsar. "Heading to Amritsar today! Can't wait to get all this," wrote chef Saransh Goila in the comments. "Only an Ambarsari can understand the value of this list," agreed another user.