Coronavirus Outbreak | Myth-Busters

Alcohol-based sanitizers are safe for everyone to use
Alcohols in the sanitisers have not been shown to create any relevant health issues. Little alcohol is absorbed into the skin, and most products contain an emollient to reduce skin dryness. Allergic contact dermatitis and bleaching of hand hair due to alcohol are very rare adverse effects. Accidental swallowing and intoxication have been described in rare cases.
Vitamin and mineral supplements cannot cure COVID-19
Water or swimming does not transmit the COVID-19 virus
The likelihood of shoes spreading COVID-19 is very low
The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is caused by a virus, NOT by bacteria
The prolonged use of medical masks* when properly worn, DOES NOT cause CO2 intoxication nor oxygen deficiency
Drinking alcohol does not protect you against COVID-19 and can be dangerous
Adding pepper to your soup or other meals DOES NOT prevent or cure COVID-19
Spraying and introducing bleach or another disinfectant into your body WILL NOT protect you against COVID-19 and can be dangerous
Drinking methanol, ethanol or bleach DOES NOT prevent or cure COVID-19 and can be extremely dangerous
Exposing yourself to the sun or temperatures higher than 25°C DOES NOT protect you from COVID-19
The COVID-19 virus can spread in hot and humid climates
Cold weather and snow CANNOT kill the COVID-19 virus
The COVID-19 virus CANNOT be spread through mosquito bites
Hand dryers are NOT effective in killing the COVID-19 virus
People of all ages can be infected by the COVID-19 virus
Taking a hot bath does not prevent the new coronavirus disease
Data Source: World Health Organisation
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