This Article is From Nov 02, 2022

Watch: Bird Picks Up A Camera And Takes Off, Ending Up Making A Drone Recording

Viewers found it to be a fairly fascinating experience to see the other birds in the footage.

Watch: Bird Picks Up A Camera And Takes Off, Ending Up Making A Drone Recording

Beautiful drone footage accidentally captured by a snatched camera.

Imagine shooting a bird to catch it flying, but instead, the bird catches the camera and flies away. Even though the photographer must be annoyed that he is losing his camera, it will definitely be a satisfying experience if the camera manages to catch all the magnificent landscapes from the height of the bird's flight.

In a video post provided by a Twitter user called Fred Schultz, a similar event can be seen taking place in which the bird takes up the camera and flies far from the initial site. However, the film obtained during this journey is so beautiful that it may brighten anyone's day.

The video was shared with a caption that reads, "I'll take that, thank you very much."

Since being shared, the video has received over 10,000 likes and almost 298,000 views. Additionally, the post has received 86 quote tweets and over 1500 retweets. Many surprised users have posted a number of responses in the comment section.

Amazed by the beautiful footage, one user said, "Wow, this is beautiful, so how did you get the phone back?"

The technical components of this video were hilariously analysed by some people. One user wrote, "The cam looks like a flight cam video. No wonder the Wright brothers were inspired by birds. "

The third person commented: "Haha!! This is why the "find my iPhone" feature was invented. Got some amazing footage? "

"I assume they got their device back so that we can see this video online," wrote the fourth one.