This Article is From Dec 17, 2014

5-Year-old Killed on First Day at School: Tragic Stories of Pakistan School Massacre

5-Year-old Killed on First Day at School: Tragic Stories of Pakistan School Massacre

Women mourn their relative Mohammed Ali Khan, 15, a student who was killed during an attack by Taliban gunmen on Peshawar's Army Public School (Reuters photo)

Peshawar: 132 children were massacred by Taliban terrorists who stormed the Army Public School in Peshawar on Tuesday, fired at will and threw grenades in classrooms. The scale of devastation was revealed on Wednesday, in blood-drenched floors in the school, burnt and bullet-riddled walls and torn notebooks and shoes scattered around. (Peshawar School Attack: Track LIVE Updates Here)

A military spokesperson said the terrorists went to the main auditorium where many students had gathered for an event and started shooting. As the students ran for the doors, they were shot dead. More than 100 bodies were found in the auditorium.

Child Shot Nine Times

A 14-year-old boy was shot nine times by the terrorists. Young Taiyyab wanted to join the army, his father said today, grieving by his coffin.

His body was found at around 1 am from the Army Public School building, almost completely destroyed in what is being described as one of the world's worst terror attacks.

Killed on First Day at School

Among the dead was a child as young as five. The girl had gone to school for the first time on Tuesday.

A spokesman for the Tehreek-e-Taliban told the media yesterday that the gunmen were ordered only to shoot older students. But the firing and bombing killed many among the school's youngest.

      Bullet holes seen in the wall at an army-run school a day after a Taliban attack in Peshawar (AFP)

'We hid under tables... they fired bullets at our legs'

One student told NDTV that children ran into the hall and firing began. "Our teacher said close the doors. We closed the doors and suddenly they entered, breaking the doors...We hid under tables, they fired bullets at our legs and our heads and then they burned our madam. They burned our madam. The firing continued but we didn't move because whoever moved got shot at."

          A text book lies on the carpet a day after terrorists killed 132 students in this Peshawar school (AFP)


'He didn't want to go to School'

As parents of the dead children prepared to bury them on Wednesday morning, one father remembered his last conversation with his son who was reluctant to go to school that day.

"It was god's will. He did not want to go to school as he had a headache. Who would have known then that I would spend the rest of the day searching for his body?" said the man, holding his head in grief.

'I shall rise and shine,' says school badge

In an eight-hour rampage, nine Taliban gunmen went from room to room, firing indiscriminately and throwing grenades.

"They went in uniform, came back in a coffin," said one parent.

The school's motto was visible on the blood-splattered uniforms: "I shall rise and shine."
Some of the 1,100 students at the school were lined up and slaughtered with shots to the head.

     15-year-old Dawood Ibrahim, the lone survivor of his class.

No Class 9 in this school anymore

The entire ninth grade of the school has been wiped out.

15-year-old Dawood Ibrahim was the only student to survive the massacre, because his alarm did not work in the morning. Dawood had gone to a wedding the night before, and overslept on Tuesday. He lived to see his friends' funerals.