NDTV Townhall With Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal | Read

PUBLISHED ON: January 3, 2020 | Duration: 51 min, 45 sec

Arvind Kejriwal today spoke at NDTV's Townhall over his government's track record and the challenges he faces over the upcoming Delhi elections, the protests which broke out over the Citizenship Amendment Act and the AAP's policies.

Here are the highlights from NDTV's Townhall with Arvind Kejriwal:

1. "We have worked with complete honesty to make the lives of people in Delhi better, which has not been done in the past 70 years," said Arvind Kejriwal at the NDTV Townhall.

2. "We will work on clean water, cleaning the Yamuna, tackling pollution and cleaning Delhi," says Arvind Kejriwal, speaking on the work he will do if he comes back to power after the Delhi elections.

3. "People vote differently in Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, like in Odisha. They vote differently and this trend is seen across the country," says Arvind Kejriwal on the upcoming Delhi elections.

4. "50% of Delhi lives in kachchi (unauthorised) colonies. They didn't have roads. In 70 years, no roads. Many parties spoke but didn't work on it. We have gotten roads and water pipelines, sewers made, all in kachchi colonies. We will also get mohalla clinics done," said Arvind Kejriwal.

5. "Desks and walls were broken in Delhi only. We doubled education budget, rebuilt schools, changed desks, motivated teachers and principals, got them trained abroad and they were motivated. Now we have 96% success and private schools have 93%," says Arvind Kejriwal.

6. "Streetlights work has started just last week and in 3 months will make sure every corner is lighted up. We are worried of women safety. It's very scary what happens daily. We have to get in war mode and have to do our roles. We have set up 1.5 lakh cameras and 1.5 lakh more will be set up too," said Arvind Kejriwal.

7. "I don't understand this law. Someone I met in Burari came from Bihar/UP to Delhi. I asked if he has his birth certificate. He said he was born at home and all that wasn't there those times. Not even my parents. So I said, ab kya karoge (now what will you do). You will have to leave the country. What is this? So much love for Pakistan's Hindus but what about Indian Hindus? I don't get this, economy is down, no jobs. What was the need for this law," Arvind Kejriwal said at the NDTV Townhall, over the Citizenship Amendment Act.

8. "Delhi police belongs to everyone. They are our police, so what if they are not under us. The country is ours, police is ours, central government is also ours," says Arvind Kejriwal.

9. "Took all steps to ensure that protests are peaceful and least of police force should be used": Arvind Kejriwal on protests in Jamia Millia Islamia over the Citizenship law.

10. "Delhi has own pollution. Dust and vehicles. This is seen almost in many countries in winter due to temperature inversion. This is why Delhi becomes a gas chamber. We have to reduce it. In 5 years, February to October, we have reduced pollution by 25%," says Arvind Kejriwal on Delhi pollution.

11. "If someone died in Delhi police earlier, their wives just got a sewing machine. But we give Rs 1 crore and one family member gets a job," says Arvind Kejriwal. Yesterday, after a firefighter died fighting a blaze at a battery warehouse in west Delhi, the Delhi government said it would award a Rs 1 crore compensation to the firefighter.

12. "I told you this bill (Citizenship law) isn't needed. The whole country and Centre should reject it," says Arvind Kejriwal on the Citizenship law. "Let Kerala do whatever it wants, but we have to show the bill has to be rejected in Parliament," he added, on being asked about Kerala passing a resolution in the state assembly over the Citizenship Amendment Act.
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