Watch: Gopinath Munde Dies in Road Accident - When Will Road Safety Become a Priority?

PUBLISHED ON: June 3, 2014 | Duration: 50 min, 44 sec

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Gopinath Munde dies in road accident: When will road safety become a priority?

Rural Development Minister Gopinath Munde dies in a road accident in Delhi after an Indica rams into the car he was travelling in. Just hours later, the driver of the Indica is out on bail. India has the worst road safety record in the world, with over 300 road deaths every day. We ask tonight: what will it take to make road safety a priority and who should be made accountable?

Thought police strikes again: Academic freedom under threat?

RSS frontman Dinanath Batra strikes again, after Wendy Doniger's The Hindus, now another book Megha Kumar's 'Communalism and Sexual Violence: Ahmedabad Since 1969' has been withheld by publishers Orient Blackswan. Are threats from the thought police increasingly making publishers self-censor and is academic freedom getting compromised?
Your Call With Arun Jaitley (Aired October 2012)