Death Over Deportation To Myanmar Please, Says A Rohingya In Delhi | Read

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  • Published On: September 07, 2017
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A spot right next to where garbage is dumped in south Delhi's Shaheen Bagh has been Noor Alam's home for some time, a settlement of 74 Rohingya families recognised as refugees by a United Nations body. But Noor Alam, who lives with his family of 12 members, was happy. At least, he says, they didn't have to now worry if they will live through the night. "In Burma (Myanmar), we couldn't sleep in peace. Any time the military would come," he adds. Noor Alam is one of the thousands of Rohingya Muslims to flee Rakhine State on Myanmar's western coast where the military and Rohingya insurgents have been fighting a bloody war for years. Civilians like him, he says, have been the collateral casualty that no one cares about.

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