Amazon Great Freedom Festival: Gear Up For The Festive Season With These Makeup Essentials At Upto 70% Off

Amazon Great Freedom Festival: From eyeliners to must-have palettes and more, here is everything that you need to revamp your beauty kit

Amazon Great Freedom Festival: Gear Up For The Festive Season With These Makeup Essentials At Upto 70% Off

Add these picks to your collection now; Image Credit: iStock

With a seasonal change, our beauty kit needs a change too. From skincare to haircare, our regimen needs a rest. While we might switch to a lightweight and easy beauty regimen, we need a switch in our makeup essentials too. And with the festive season around the corner, we definitely have our makeup kit ready too! From party-ready eyeshadow palettes to trendy lip shades and much more, it's time to revamp our beauty arsenal with these makeup essentials which are lightweight, easy and totally under the budget. With the Amazon Great Freedom Festival, we have got you covered with fabulous discounts and deals on these makeup essentials. Grab them now!

Trendy Must-Have Lipsticks

Lipsticks are a true blue makeup must-have. No matter how many we own, we would never say no to another good shade. While we love our classic red, subtle nudes, we would not mind getting our hands on some new ones at all. And with amazing discounts and offers, we definitely don't have to resist that urge to bookmark these lipsticks.

Let Your Eyes Do The Talking With These Eyeliners, Kajals And Mascaras

No beauty repertoire is complete without these basic essentials. A good mascara is for the drama, a waterproof liner keeps your makeup in place for hours and a kajal is for days when you want to ace the minimalist aesthetic. These essentials have always been a part of any kit and it is time to upgrade them with newer ones and better formulations.

Eyeshadows To Create Endless Looks

Eyeshadow has always been a great way to amp up any look. Let your eyes do all the talking when you have these amazing eyeshadow palettes at your rescue. Whether you want to go for a natural look or a peppy one, these eyeshadow palettes are a great investment for your makeup vanity. From lightweight textures to pigmented formulations and more, these eyeshadow palettes are worth your money.

Foundations At Upto 50% Off

With the rise in temperature, we need essentials that hydrate the skin and feel super lightweight on the skin. Foundations are super essential when it comes to making the right base for any makeup look but with the rise in temperature, we surely need some options that are light on the skin and serve the purpose right. And these picks will surely prove their worth!