Narendra Modi Gujarat Visit LIVE: Digital India Guarantees Transparency, Good Governance: PM Modi At IIT Gandhinagar

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M Modi will also visit Vadnagar, his birth place, for the first time since becoming the prime minister in 2014.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to his home state Gujarat. The prime minister will lay foundation stones and inaugurate a number of projects. PM Modi will also visit Vadnagar, his birth place, for the first time since becoming the prime minister in 2014. The trip began with a visit to Dwarkadheesh Temple. During his two-day tour, PM Modi is expected to address as many as six public meetings launching various schemes and projects at five places in three regions of the state. Following his prayers at Dwarkadheesh, the PM laid the foundation stone of a sea-link bridge between coastal town of Okha and Bet Dwarka Island. Located about a couple of kilometres away from the temple, Bet Dwarka is frequented by thousands of pilgrims coming to this temple town of Lord Krishna.

Here are the live updates on PM Modi's two-day visit to Gujarat:

Oct 07, 2017 20:03 (IST)
PM Modi discusses the need to bidge the digital divide

In a tweet, Prime Minister Modi tweeted on the need to bridge the digital divide in India. He also stressed on the need to further digital literacy. The Prime Minister also discussed the importance of the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (PMGDISHA).

Oct 07, 2017 19:59 (IST)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweets on his Surendranagar district visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted saying he was delighted to be in Surendranagar district and address a public meeting in Chotila.

PM Modi tweeted about the construction of an airport to boost connectivity. He tweeted, "Construction of an airport will boost connectivity to & from Rajkot & Surendranagar. Talked about our commitment to make aviation affordable"

He also tweeted on the coming of the Narmada waters to help Surendranagar and appealed to people to conserve water. 

Oct 07, 2017 19:47 (IST)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweets on development projects

In a series of tweets, Prime Minister Narendra Modi commented on his Gujarat visit and highlighted different development projects. He also tweeted about the need to bridge the digital divide.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, saying "Bridge between Okha & Bet Dwarka not only connects people but also connects us with our rich history & culture. It will also boost tourism."

In another tweet, the Prime Minister highlighted efforts to promote the "blue economy". In the tweet, he said, "Highlighted the efforts of the Government of India for the promotion of blue economy, port-led development & for the welfare of fishermen."

Oct 07, 2017 18:05 (IST)
PM Modi addresses a public meeting in IIT, Gandhinagar.

Here are the highlights of his speech:

  • You are IIT-ians, I was a Tea-ian when I was young, I sold tea. On this day, a few years ago, I took oath as Chief Minister for the first time. Till then, I had never even been an MLA. I had decided that whatever I will do, I will do to the best of my abilities
  • Work is underway to spread digital literacy to every part of India, among all age groups and sections of the society
  • In this day and age, we cannot afford to have a digital divide
  • We will try our best that there is no digital divide in the country as it can create problems in social inclusion
  • When a two-year-old child knows how to operate the latest television model at home, elders get the urge to learn it too 
  • Digital technology, Digital literacy, and digital India should be the focus of a good government
  • An optical fibre network has helped us in enabling digital literacy, the more it develops, the more progress there would be. In the coming days, 6 crore people would be given this training which would lead to more employments 
  • If there is digital literacy, whatever money we spend on this will reap the same amount of results. Countries are surprised that we have an advanced biometric system like the Aadhaar scheme
  • Digital India guarantees transparency, effective service delivery and good governance
  • If I had decided to built an IIT here earlier, some people would have criticised me the way they criticised the bullet trains and would have said that the focus needs to be on something else in Gujarat. But today, I am happy that this campus is at an equivalent height in comparison to the other IITs in the country. 70 per cent of the faculty here have been trained at premier institutions abroad
  • For the first time in India there has been a reform, which derived aspiration for years, but nobody could dare to make it work
  • 10 private universities and ten government universities would be put on a challenge route. We will invest 1000 crores on each of them. We will relax the rules and give them the liberty and independence to make their own decisions. We will do whatever it takes to turn them into the 20 top universities
  • Gujarat has given global level institutions to the world. There is no place in the world with a premier university like the Forensic Science University. Gujarat is the only one. Gujarat is the first state to get IITE that trains people to be the best teachers 
  • Today both parents are usually busy with their own jobs and therefore to develop the children we have come up with a children's university. Earlier, we had joint families where the family used to play the role of a university. But in micro families, that kind of education is missing
  • Gujarat has also come up with one of the best law universities. Today, crime is detected with the help of technology for which the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University will play a big role in it
  • Today we are working on solar energy, renewable energy, climate change, and we are trying to compete with the world on these. Why shouldn't we innovate more on these lines by which we save energy and utilise them at minimal cost
  • Our academics should not be exam driven. The focus should be innovation
Oct 07, 2017 17:25 (IST)
Nitin Gadkari tweets on Narendra Modi inaugurating highway projects

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, tweeted on Prime Minister Narendra Modi laying the foundation stone for different National Highway projects at Dwaraka, Gujarat. 

Nitin Gadkari tweeted saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for 4 laning of Gadu-Porbandar-Dwarka sections and Cable Stayed Signature bridge between Beyt Dwarka and Okha on NH-51 /2.

Oct 07, 2017 16:29 (IST)
Sursagar Dairy will be 'Sukh Sagar' for people of this region. How can we forget how previous Governments in Gujarat did not allow dairy sector to grow in Saurashtra. We had the opportunity to change that and promote dairies: PM 
Oct 07, 2017 15:05 (IST)
We have made aviation affordable and within reach of the lesser privileged: PM
We are bringing waters of the Narmada here, for the benefit of citizens

Aviation cannot be about rich people. We have made aviation affordable and within reach of the lesser privileged 
Oct 07, 2017 15:00 (IST)
Oct 07, 2017 15:00 (IST)
PM Modi has begun his speech at a public meeting in Surendranagar district
Who imagined in this district that an airport will come? Is this not development? Is this kind of development not needed...such development works will empower citizens.

The definition of development is changing. Earlier, a hand pump would be put and a leader would use that for multiple elections. Things have changed now. We are bringing waters of the Narmada here, for the benefit of citizens.

If there is one district that stands to gain maximum from waters of the Narmada it is Surendranagar.