This Article is From Jun 30, 2020

Postal Worker Day: India's Postal Services Play Key Role In COVID-19 War

National Postal Worker Day 2020: Personnel in India's postal services are the new 'corona warriors', transporting COVID-19 testing kits, distributing sanitizers and masks

Postal Worker Day: India's Postal Services Play Key Role In COVID-19 War

National Postal Worker day 2020: A day to say 'thank you' to postal workers

New Delhi:

National Postal Worker Day is a unique opportunity to say 'thank you' not only to postmen but also to all delivery personnel, as online shopping has become a lifeline for many of us. On July 1, National Postal Worker Day is marked in recognition of postal workers across the world.

Men and women engaged in postal services bear the overhead sun and lashing rain to deliver letters and couriers on time through the year. Not only harsh weather, they have to carry weight as well.

In India, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, postal services have uniquely diversified. Workers in postal departments have become the new 'corona warriors', playing an active role in India's fight against COVID-19. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad tweeted a video, saying: "Appreciate the work done by the Pune postal division in transporting COVID-19 testing kits across the country."

On Monday, India Post put out a photo on its Twitter handle, which says more than words. "Sale of N95 masks started today from Philatelic Bureau Counter Kolkata GPO," India Post tweeted.

At another location in West Bengal, personnel in postal services are explaining COVID-19 prevention measures in the local language.

In Lucknow, the postal staff distributed sanitizers to former army personnel and differently-abled persons.

On National Postal Worker Day, you can take time out to show gratitude to your local postal worker and delivery personnel. A special thank you card saying, 'Happy National Postal Worker Day' or a small gift can bring smile to the person who delivers your courier or a pizza that you may have ordered.