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Open AI CEO Feels 'Oppenheimer' Failed To Inspire Children To Be Physicists, Elon Musk Agrees

Mr. Altman, in a tweet, said that he was hoping the film would inspire kids to pursue physics, but it ''really missed the mark.''

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Twitter boss Elon Musk agreed with his opinion

The biopic of Robert Oppenheimer, the mind behind the world's first atomic bomb, was released on Friday. The movie highlights the dilemma the advancement in technology posed for the scientists working on the Manhattan Project, which requires a fair amount of quantum physics and complex science.

While fans across the world have been thronging the cinema halls and hailing the movie as a ''masterpiece'', Open AI CEO doesn't seem to have the same opinion. Sam Altman, in a tweet, expressed his disappointment, saying that he was hoping the film would inspire kids to pursue physics, but it ''really missed the mark on that.''

He wrote, ''I was hoping that the Oppenheimer movie would inspire a generation of kids to be physicists but it really missed the mark on that. let's get that movie made!'' He went on to praise the movie 'Social Network' and said that it '' managed to do this for startup founders.''

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Twitter boss Elon Musk agreed with his opinion and wrote, 'Indeed.''

While a few resonated with his thoughts, many disagreed with him and instead took digs at AI and ChatGPT, and the movie Social Network.


One user wrote, ''The social network is an unfortunately brilliant depiction of how innovative people can act in selfish, harmful ways and still get ahead.''

Another commented, ''Generate a new alternative version of Oppenheimer that inspires the viewer to become a physicist. Change the script and scenes wen needed. Try to keep the plot close to the original as possible.''


A third wrote, ''Somebody should make a movie to inspire kids about the pitfalls of AI.''

The film opened to stellar reviews from film critics. In his review for NDTV, film critic Saibal Chatterjee gave the film 4.5 stars out of 5 and he wrote, "Oppenheimer, a cinematic achievement of blinding brilliance, achieves a sublime combination of visual grandeur, technical flair, emotional intimacy and an examination of the limits of human endeavour and ambition."


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