This Article is From Dec 29, 2016 More Fake News About NDTV More Fake News About NDTV

The latest article published by known NDTV baiter, Mr. Post-Truth-Gurumurthy, on his website is not only a classic case of misreporting and concoction of untruths but yet another attempt to scuttle and suppress free and fair press in India.

NDTV CEO, KVL Narayan Rao, has never ever admitted to "illegal money routing". It is extraordinary this blatantly false allegation is made even when it is proved wrong by the very statement of Narayan Rao which is ironically attached with the p-t-gurus false article.

The only thing that Narayan Rao has admitted to is that all, repeat all, of NDTV's transactions are 100% legal and 100% authorised and transparent.

All of NDTV's transactions are based on completely legitimate Indian and international practices and have been vetted and audited by top global financial firms and top international lawyers.

The 'murthy of fake news' needs to answer some questions: It is preposterous that a confidential notice issued by the tax department to NDTV and a statement recorded by a tax officer is unlawfully made available to a third party like p-t-gurus (this breach is not permissible even under RTI as held by various decisions of the High Court and CIC. This is clear contempt of court).

What is more intriguing is the selective leak of the show cause notice and the statement without clarifying that the proceeding initiated by the tax department has already been stayed by the Income tax Appellate Tribunal.

In fact, the main outrageous charge - a charge that is a disgrace to our country in the global financial forum - that claims NBC TV's investment of $150million is a "sham transaction" without providing any evidence whatsoever - has still not been heard because the tax department has sought as many as 18 adjournments and has scuttled all the appellate proceedings. Further, Post-Truth-Gurumurthy has not mentioned that he himself sought to intervene in the case but his application was rejected.

Having lost on all legal fronts, this article seems to be a desperate attempt to gain some illegal traction by maligning NDTV for standing by the highest journalistic ethics. Shame on you p-t-guru.