This Article is From Oct 10, 2016

NDTV's Editorial Policy

NDTV's Editorial Policy

NDTV's unflinching and non-negotiable commitment to reporting the news without any filters or allegiance will always be the core of what we stand for and do. It has led in the past to boycotts and threats from parties which had no impact on our journalism - nor will they.

Interviews find space on our channels based on their relevance and newsworthiness in a continuum of developments. An interview that ran in part or in whole during the day may not make the cut for prime time news. This is standard for any newsroom.

On matters of wild and unsubstantiated allegations, of which there is no shortage today in the country's politics, we will not report them without the accuser offering proof that has been verified by us and found to be news-worthy.

This is our policy for matters of national security as well as for the daily grind of politics. Each interview and press conference that we report on is subject to the same criteria. We cover LIVE press conferences and we repeat newsworthy excerpts only after we have independently verified the facts.

The army's deep courage and sacrifices will be reported on, as will, when and if they occur, transgressions which bear investigation and examination that are based on fact and not speculation.

At a time when anything goes as far as the news is concerned, it is gratifying that NDTV's standards have impelled a debate among and outside news organisations.