NDTV Opts Out Of Ratings For 'Blackout' Period

NDTV Opts Out Of Ratings For 'Blackout' Period

NDTV is among the networks that have chosen to not be included in the ratings which are soon to be released for the last few months. During this period, ratings were blacked out because of the grave corruption and mismanagement involved in the process.

NDTV has been among the earliest and biggest proponents of an exercise to clean up a dirty (and shockingly open) secret: a ratings system that misleads advertisers, and their agencies, by grossly misrepresenting each channel's market share.

Over time, the manipulation and buying of TRPs has played a huge role in what some networks choose as their news content; consumers have been presented with fake news on the size and type of audience attracted by different channels; their money has been misallocated on the basis of this fake news.

BARC, the organization which generates the ratings, is well-aware of what is needed and must serve its purpose by urgently cleaning up its act.