This Article is From Feb 09, 2022

NDTV Result: Digital Hits Best-Ever Revenue, TV Profit Is A Record Too

NDTV Result: Digital Hits Best-Ever Revenue, TV Profit Is A Record Too

The NDTV Group has earned a profit of Rs 27.6 crore for the third quarter; with this, its year-to-date profit is Rs 55.6 crore.

This is the most profitable quarter for the Group in the last nine years.

The television arm of the company, NDTV Limited, has doubled its year-to-date profit, which stands at Rs 41.4 crore. This is an all-time best for the TV branch. For the third quarter (Q3), the television branch has recorded a profit of Rs 17.3 crore, Rs 6.8 crore higher than the same time last year.

NDTV's digital arm, Convergence, has clocked its highest-ever revenue in Q3. Its profit of Rs 12.2 crore in this quarter is the company's second-highest ever for Profit After Tax; the best quarter in this regard was within the last year, further establishing Convergence as a consistently profitable online content company which is delivering aggressive growth.


NDTV's financial position has further strengthened: external liabilities for the Group have decreased by Rs 69.2 crore so far in this financial year; bank borrowings for the Group have also shrunk by Rs 42.8 crore year-to-date.

These results have been achieved amid the many difficulties posed by the pandemic. NDTV's reporters and production crews have performed outstandingly, often while being at some risk themselves, delivering the latest and most credible information from across the country on Covid developments; for this, the Company is deeply grateful, as also extremely proud.