This Article is From Aug 10, 2020

NDTV Group And Its TV Business Declare Profitable Q1

NDTV Group And Its TV Business Declare Profitable Q1

The NDTV Group is recording a profitable Q1 despite the widely-reported impact of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses in India and the media sector in particular.

The television business of the company, NDTV Limited, is declaring profit after tax of Rs 4.42 crore. Of the last nine quarters, the broadcasting business has shown a profit in eight.

The Group's profit after tax for this quarter is Rs 6.89 crore.


With the Group building its financial strength, its liabilities (including bank borrowings) have reduced by 95 crores in the last two years.

The Group would like to acknowledge the loyalty and commitment of those employees who took pay cuts for Q1 (the majority of employees have seen these cuts reversed as of August 1; the management and other senior employees continue to work with reduced salaries).

NDTV Convergence, which is the Group's digital business, remains a market leader with huge traffic on account of its credible reporting of the pandemic. Its EBITDA for the quarter was 23% percent, the same as that of the last quarter (Q4) of FY 2019-20.