In Memory Of Narayan Rao, From All Of Us At NDTV

Narayan has just passed away after a brave and tough fight against cancer.

Narayan was the most wonderful human being - kindness was in his DNA, consideration for others was in his DNA, leadership was in his DNA, warmth and generosity were in his DNA, humour and fun were in his DNA and most of all, integrity and love was in his DNA.

Narayan was our friend for over 30 years and we loved him like a brother. We learnt so much from Narayan - and admired how he created a compassionate environment at NDTV and, in fact, everywhere he went, with everyone he met. Just as we loved him, there are hundreds of others like us for whom Narayan was very, very special. Seldom has a person been loved by so many and will be deeply missed by so many.

Narayan was one of a kind. A towering personality in every way.

This morning, he passed away at 8:00 am after a two-year fight against cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family - his wife, Renu, and his sons, Jayant, Arjun - and with so many other close friends around him.

His unshakeable integrity and his ability to make time to address the concerns of every person at NDTV, no matter how senior or junior, was what we counted on day after day as an institution - among many other qualities that he brought to work day after day as the CEO.

He leaves a gigantic vacuum in our lives. We are forever grateful for his selfless leadership at NDTV and for his friendship, kindness and decency as a human being to all of us.

We will miss you Narayan. More than you can imagine. Everyone at NDTV will miss you. More than you can imagine.

God bless you Narayan.

Radhika and Prannoy

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