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Chicken Recipes

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  • Spicy Creamy Kadai Chicken

    Spicy Creamy Kadai Chicken

    One of the classic Indian chicken curries is just a few steps away. Let juicy chicken chunks simmer in a spicy broth and finish off with a note of cream!

  • 10 Best Indian Chicken Curry Recipes

    10 Best Indian Chicken Curry Recipes

    The great Indian 'kari', which stems from the word for sauce in Tamil, is known to have originated sometime during the ancient Indus civilization. Since then it has travelled beyond boundaries and created many fans across the globe. Britain's love affair with 'curry' is no secret. In fact, chicken t...

  • 10 Best Chinese Chicken Recipes

    10 Best Chinese Chicken Recipes

    An old Chinese proverb says - "To the ruler, people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven"Chinese food isn't just sweet, light and understated. It's also bold, bright and aromatic. Salt and pepper squid, a basket of steaming hot dimsums and mind-numbing chilli chicken are some of the most loved ...

  • Chicken Chilli Masala

    Chicken Chilli Masala

    A lip-smacking and spicy chicken curry that makes the perfect dinner party food.

  • Hyderabadi Dum Ka Murgh

    Hyderabadi Dum Ka Murgh

    Whole chicken marinated leisurely in a host of spices along with cashews, chironji and fried onions. It is slow-cooked 'dum style'.

  • Low Fat Pepper Chicken Dry

    Low Fat Pepper Chicken Dry

    Enjoy the best of Andhra style chicken marinated in pepper, turmeric and cooked it subtle spices. This is a spicy chicken recipe for the calorie conscious.

  • Chicken Malai Kebab

    Chicken Malai Kebab

    Succulent chunks of chicken wrapped in creamy textures of cheese, cream cheese and sour cream along with spices and a generous squeeze of lime.

  • Chicken with Chillies & Cashews

    Chicken with Chillies & Cashews

    Chicken chunks fried crisp along with fiery red chillies, crunchy cashews, oriental sauces, spring onions and a pinch of sugar.

  • Poulet A La Mourtade (Chicken Dijon)

    Poulet A La Mourtade (Chicken Dijon)

    A sharp restaurant styled dish laced in mustard and cooked in a creamy, butter milk based sauce.

  • Chicken Badaam Roll

    Chicken Badaam Roll

    Experience the juiciness of chicken pieces with an added crunch of aromatic almonds and flavourful spices. These chicken badaam roll will get your party started.

  • Kerala Roast Chicken

    Kerala Roast Chicken

    This Kerala roast chicken is downright delicious. Chicken chunks are marinated in spices and fried golden with onions, curry leaves and green chillies.

  • Chicken Pakodas

    Chicken Pakodas

    Marinated chicken pieces, dipped in a spicy batter and deep fried to an appealing gold perfection. Dunk them in ketchup, yogurt dip or mint chutney to savour the meaty crispiness.

  • Chicken and Cheese Salad

    Chicken and Cheese Salad

    A sparkling salad with tender chicken breasts and cheese, tossed and mixed in salt, pepper and a generous dose of mayonnaise.

  • Murg ka Mokul

    Murg ka Mokul

    A creative chicken recipe, where it is first roasted and then the shreds are tossed with a host of spices, yogurt and almonds

  • Chicken Mulligatawny Soup

    Chicken Mulligatawny Soup

    Mulligatawny soup is an Anglo-Indian dish. Its name literally means 'pepper water'. It typically uses meat, lentils or rice, turmeric and few other spices.

  • Jack Monroe's Lemon Chicken and Herb Yoghurt Recipe

    Jack Monroe's Lemon Chicken and Herb Yoghurt Recipe

    Zesty chicken and cool, minty yoghurt - what could be better on a hot summer's day?I don't write many meat recipes, as free range is largely outside the realms of budget cooking, so it's an occasional treat. This deliciously zesty recipe makes the most of simple ingredients - the crispy lemon chick...

  • Sindi Seyal Chicken

    Sindi Seyal Chicken

    Seyal chicken is a Sindhi stew-like curry. A creamy mix of chicken chunks, yogurt, tomatoes and warm spices, cooked in olive oil.

  • 20 under 20 - Quick Dinner Recipes

     20 under 20 - Quick Dinner Recipes

    We understand cooking dinner 7 nights a week could be tricky. Life is good when you're served a hot plate of dinner vs spending endless hours standing in the kitchen.And it is for this reason we've gone back to our NDTV Cooks archives and compiled a list of 20 dinner recipes that can be prepared in ...

  • Chicken Layonnaise

    Chicken Layonnaise

    This classic dish was part of the menu on the Titanic and for good reason. Juicy pieces of chicken breast sauteed in butter, onion and garlic make a flavourful tasty delight.

  • Poulet A La Mourtade

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