This Article is From Jan 14, 2013

Youngest 'Schindler's List' survivor dies at 83

Youngest 'Schindler's List' survivor dies at 83
Whittier, California: Leon Leyson, who was the youngest of 1,100 Jews saved from the Nazis by Oscar Schindler, has died in Southern California at 83.

His daughter, Stacy Wilfong, tells the Los Angeles Times that Mr Leyson died on Saturday in Whittier from lymphoma.

Mr Leyson was nearly 10 when Germany invaded Poland in 1939. He lost two brothers during the Holocaust but was protected by Schindler and at 13 worked in his factory. Dubbed "Little Leyson," he was so short that he stood on a box to operate machinery.

He later moved to the US and taught at Huntington Park High School for 39 years.


Mr Leyson rarely spoke of his experiences until the 1993 movie "Schindler's List" sparked renewed interest. He then embarked on a public speaking career to share his story.