Video: US Mother Posts A Video Of Her Daughter Enjoying A Wheelchair-Accessible Pool

A mother in the US is promoting inclusive design by posting a video of her daughter having fun in a pool that is wheelchair accessible.

Video: US Mother Posts A Video Of Her Daughter Enjoying A Wheelchair-Accessible Pool

Katrina Placzek uploaded a video of her daughter Dallas on YouTube.

An interesting video of a little girl experiencing a wheelchair-accessible swimming pool is bringing smiles to people's faces everywhere.

Mother of four Katrina Placzek shared a video of her daughter Dallas, age 8, using a customised pool-friendly wheelchair at Tiff's Place, a vacation rental in Chuluota, Florida.

Tiff's Place is a vacation property that is wheelchair accessible and located in Chuluota, Florida, about 22 miles east of Orlando.

Dallas, who was born at 28 weeks gestational age prematurely, has quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy. Her limbs are affected, making it challenging for her to walk.

Before her family spent a vacation at Tiff's Place, the energetic kid couldn't access the pools.

The mother remarked in an Instagram video post, "We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this private wheelchair-accessible pool! Never have we seen a wheelchair meant for pools or a ramp entry meant for wheelchairs to access the pool! "

"Our first day at Tiff's Place located in near Orlando, Florida. This is the most accessible vacation home we have ever been too! Love it here!," Placzek continued in caption.

According to her mother, 8-year-old Dallas, was born too soon at 28 weeks and has quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy, which affects her arms and legs and makes it difficult for her to walk.

Dallas's mother Placzek intends to raise awareness of this issue through social media.

After one encounter with a wheelchair swing at their neighbourhood park, Placzek claimed she was inspired to start sharing Dallas' story and life on her "Discover With Dallas" Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Before this Dallas's family had stopped going to parks since there weren't any accessible amenities for her to enjoy, but seeing and utilising the wheelchair swing changed everything.