This Article is From Nov 22, 2016

US Issues Europe Travel Alert After France Busted ISIS Plot

US Issues Europe Travel Alert After France Busted ISIS Plot

Credible information claims the ISIS, Al-Qaeda and their affiliates continue to plan attacks in Europe.

Washington: The US today issued a travel warning to its citizens alerting them to the heightened risk of terrorist attacks throughout Europe, particularly during the holiday season, a day after France thwarted an ISIS terror plot.

"US citizens should exercise caution at holiday festivals, events, and outdoor markets," the State Department said in the travel warning.

Credible information indicates the ISIS, Al-Qaeda and their affiliates continue to plan terrorist attacks in Europe, with a focus on the upcoming holiday season and associated events, the travel warning said.

"US citizens should also be alert to the possibility that extremist sympathisers or self-radicalised extremists may conduct attacks during this period with little or no warning," the alert said, adding that terrorists may employ a wide variety of tactics, using both conventional and non-conventional weapons and targeting both official and private interests.

While extremists have carried out attacks in Belgium, France, Germany, and Turkey in the past year, the Department remains concerned about the potential for attacks throughout Europe, it said.

US citizens should exercise vigilance when attending large holiday events, visiting tourist sites, using public transportation and frequenting places of worship, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid large crowds, when possible.

Review security information from local officials, who are responsible for the safety and security of all visitors to their host country, it added.

Yesterday, France police broke up a terror ring plotting an attack in the country after arresting seven suspects in Strasbourg and Marseille over the weekend.

The arrests of the alleged plotters from France, Morocco and Afghanistan "enabled us to prevent a long-planned terror attack on our soil," the police had said.

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