This Article is From Mar 22, 2023

Stormy Daniels On What She'll Do If Trump "Is Selected To Go To Jail"

Donald Trump is expected to be indicted over a case connected to hush money paid to Stormy Daniels in exchange of her silence about an affair they had.

Stormy Daniels On What She'll Do If Trump 'Is Selected To Go To Jail'

Story Daniels posted a string of tweets ahead of Donald Trump's possible arrest. (Reuters File Photo)

Porn star Stormy Daniels mocked former US President Donald Trump ahead of his possible arrest, which he claimed could come as early as Tuesday. In a series of tweets she asked her followers "anything exciting going on today?" - a reference to potential arrest of Mr Trump in a hush money probe regarding payments made to Ms Daniels. Barricades have been set up near Trump Tower and police are on high alert, as New York was holding its breath for the likely indictment of Mr Trump, but the timing remains uncertain.

"Wow! It's a beautiful morning. It's always been my dream to sip coffee on my farm porch and watch my gorgeous horse graze. Anything exciting going on today?" Stormy Daniels said in her tweet.

In another post on Tuesday, Ms Daniels mocked Mr Trump, calling him "tiny" and describing how, "I won't walk, I'll dance down the street when he is "selected" to go to jail."

Mr Trump said in a post on his own social media platform, Truth Social, that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday as part of Manhattan District Attorney's grand jury investigation into the payment he is accused of making to the porn star in 2016, according to Independent. The payment was made via his then-lawyer Michael Cohen in exchange of her silence about an affair they had.

After the day came and went, the former US President again took to Truth Social and launched a tirade. He said all the investigations have proved that there is "no crime" and called the entire thing an "extortion plot against me".

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Some US media speculated that the grand jury hearing the case could vote to indict on Wednesday, but that it may be next week before Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announces any charges and Trump is arraigned before a judge.

According to news agency AFP, if that happens, the 76-year-old Republican would become the first former or sitting US President to be charged with a crime - a move that would send shock waves through the 2024 White House race, in which Mr Trump is running to regain office.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has geared up for an unprecedented arrest or self-surrender, which would see an ex-leader of the United States booked, fingerprinted and possibly even handcuffed.