Indian-Origin Whizkid Reuben Paul Lectures on Cyber Security

Indian-Origin Whizkid Reuben Paul Lectures on Cyber Security

8-Year-Old Indian-Origin CEO Reuben Paul

New Delhi: Eight-year old Indian-origin whizkid Reuben Paul on Friday showed how a fake link of a website can be used by cyber criminals while advising children to be on guard against fraudsters.

"I cloned a page to tell people how a cyber criminal can mislead people and gain control of their system," Reuben Paul said at cyber security conference Ground Zero Summit.

Reuben recently started Prudent Games, his own gaming firm and is designated as CEO of the company. The US-based whizkid has been trained by his father Mano Paul, who is also partner in the company.

The whizkid also said that children should deal with strangers on Internet the same way ones does on streets.

"Don't click anything from strangers. Don't access e-mails or any web link shared by strangers. Don't take anything from strangers and also don't trust strangers on Internet," Reuben said. 
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