World News Wrap: US Slams ICC's Netanyahu Arrest Warrant Push And More

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  • Published On: May 21, 2024
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Israel's Prime Minister has responded with fury to the news that he might face an arrest warrant for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, the US President criticizes the ICC's decision to seek arrest warrants for Benjamin Netanyahu and his Minister of Defense. Israel has denied involvement in the death of the Iranian President in a helicopter crash. This, as the Iranian state media is reporting that the helicopter crash was caused by an unspecified "technical failure" with the vehicle. China has sharply criticized the inaugural address of new Taiwan President Lai Ching-te, an early indication he will likely have a rocky relationship with Beijing. The former United States President Donald Trump's ex-lawyer and fixer-turned-foe, Michael Cohen returned to the witness stand and admitted to stealing tens of thousands as the hush money trial inches towards its final stages. For all the latest world news, analysis and updates, NDTV's show The World24X7 with Parmeshwar Bawa, is your one-stop shop.

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