Tackling Urban Heat Waves

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  • Published On: May 10, 2024
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With temperatures soaring in Indian cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi, addressing rising temperatures and scorching summers is crucial. Recent data shows areas like Ram Mandir in Mumbai and Vidyavihar in Bangalore experiencing temperatures over 40°C, signalling a shift from historical norms. Delhi recently hit 41°C, surpassing the seasonal average by two degrees. These trends underscore the urgent need for cities to adapt to intensifying heat waves. Prioritising heat-resilient building designs and green space enhancement is essential to mitigate climate change impact. Learn more as Manisha Natarajan discusses with Madhav Pai - WRI India, Dr Indu K Murthy - Principal Research Scientist CSTEP, and Nishant Lall - Urban Designer and founder at NilaA Urban.

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