Delhi gang-rape: After outrage, what next?

PUBLISHED ON: December 19, 2012 | Duration: 14 min, 59 sec

On The Social Network today we discussed how the one single incident of Gang-rape, that took place 3 days ago in the Capital New Delhi, has sparked a spontaneous movement of sorts against sexual violence women face. We also discussed how international community is picking up on the incident to address the issue of sexual violence against women _ which in fact is a global phenomenon. We explored the solutions Web offered to cull this violence and were joined by and The Pixel Project from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia _ the online international initiative to stop sexual violence against women. Social Network also assessed the Delhi Police Facebook initiative for women and children as inadequate and dated. The show featured video messages from internet users. Please follow us on Twitter @TSNonndtv and send your own messages to
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