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PUBLISHED ON: April 14, 2019 | Duration: 1 hr, 47 min, 37 sec

Lok Sabha elections in Tamil Nadu are likely to have a direct bearing on which party will form the government at the centre. On today's episode of 'The Countdown', Prannoy Roy and his team bring you ground reports, chats with voters and exclusive insights from Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam, DMK's MK Stalin and AMMK leader TTV Dhinakaran, who is also a nephew of VK Sasikala as well as the longtime aide of late J Jayalalithaa.

Dr Roy also speaks to the latest political entrant on the block, Kamal Haasan, as he faces his big test this year.

Here are the highlights of today's episode of 'The Countdown':

India, a land of landslide victories? Here's why

Will Tamil Nadu see a landslide in 2019?

Tamil Nadu is among the top 5 states with huge margin in votes

How Tamil Nadu politics changed after the loss of two prominent leaders - M Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa

Opposition unity is very high in Tamil Nadu

Are national parties irrelevant in Tamil Nadu? Prannoy Roy and team analyse

Jobs A Major Issue In Tamil Nadu

Man: I won't vote for anyone.

Uma Sudhir: NOTA?

Man: Not even NOTA.

Uma Sudhir: Why?

Man: Because when we vote, they ask us 100% housing tax, 100% water tax, 100% bus tax and they have 100% raises. Why should we vote for them? They get the salaries and we get the taxes. We don't want it.

Man: 100% we have to pay excess and 100% they get raise. That's why I don't vote.

Uma Sudhir: So you don't want to waste your votes?

Man: We are reducing the number of thieves.

Another young man says he will vote NOTA

"Nothing solid is happening in the government. Students wouldn't have much guts to say much on this. So NOTA."

Youth Disillusioned

"We are getting placements. Instead of getting placements from big corporates, we are offered placements from local companies. We expect Wipro, TCS but we get opportunities from only local companies," a young man tells NDTV.

With Jayalalithaa's absence, the party (AIADMK) is in a shambles": DMK President MK Stalin to NDTV

"The people of Tamil Nadu miss Karunanidhi a lot": MK Stalin on his father.

DMK Chief MK Stalin on his biggest takeaway from father Karunanidhi's life

Women not safe in Tamil Nadu, says DMK President MK Stalin

DMK Chief MK Stalin on supporting Congress President Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister

"I have not taken any risk. Knowing the will of people of Tamil Nadu, Karunanidhi on behalf of the DMK welcomed both, be it Indira Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi, with the same introduction. I have just followed the same tradition".

"The UPA government under Dr Manmohan Singh, with DMK's support, delivered all the promises they made, but this government did nothing": DMK President MK Stalin.

Voter breakup in Tamil Nadu by religion, caste and literacy

Tamil Nadu has the highest urban population percentage in India

Tamil Nadu villages score over towns in voting percentage according to 2014 data

"The demise of J Jayalalithaa was an unexpected event. We consider it as a loss that cannot be mitigated in our lifetime": Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam.

Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam on being asked if he sees Jayalalithaa's absence as a setback for AIADMK.

"One caste, one God is our ideology," says Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam.

"TTV Dhinakaran's only motive is to grab party power and pave way for the family to take over. He has no intention to work for the people": Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam to NDTV.

More women voted than men in Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections

Women's turnout in Lok Sabha Elections 2019 likely to overtake that of men

In 2014 elections, more rural women voted than their urban counterparts

When it comes to women voters, there is a clear north-south divide

In Northern states, fewer women are registered to vote, as compared to men

Women voter turnout in Tamil Nadu has been rising over the years

Tamil Nadu among top 3 states with highest turnout of women in 2014 polls

The gender divide in voting pattern for DMK and AIADMK

Actor-politician Kamal Haasan on being asked if absence of two big leaders has created a vacuum and if his timing is ideal.

Kamal Haasan on which national party he will support if there is a need after Lok Sabha Elections

"Both are not acceptable for us but what can we do? We would like to become the third option, but we are just a regional party and we are aware of that": Kamal Haasan on chances of aligning with the BJP or Congress.

"I am supporting Tamil Nadu but it won't be on the same terms as how BJP is handling the state now. We will ask embarrassing questions": Kamal Haasan on being asked if he's okay with supporting BJP.

"People want real change": AMMK leader TTV Dhinakaran

"Ruling party giving money everywhere": TTV Dhinakaran to NDTV

"No freebies, only what our beloved leader promised": TTV Dhinakaran

"They (O Panneerselvam and E Palaniswami) are behaving like slaves to Modi": TTV Dhinakaran

12 seats in Tamil Nadu that almost always vote the overall winner

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