Prannoy Roy's Analysis Of PM Modi's Gigantic Win

PUBLISHED ON: March 11, 2017 | Duration: 1 hr, 50 min, 03 sec

Watch Prannoy Roy and a panel of experts decode the Bharatiya Janata Party's massive win in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, and the Congress' face-saving victory in Punjab.
  • On the show, Uma Bharti says: I am committed to cleaning the Ganga. The PM has entrusted me with this. It is the only thing that worries me - will I be able to do it?
  • On Ram Mandir: we don't have to fight for it anymore, we have won this battle already, it has been established that the land was the site of Lord Ram's birth. We remain committed to the mandir, can sort it out with prem (love).
  • Cannot compare PM Modi-Amit Shah leadership to Advani-Vajpayee era: Congress was much stronger then, we face very different challenges now.
  • On the show, Arun Jaitley says: Mistake to assume there is a conflict between pro-poor and big economic reforms for industry. Our government has never done that.
  • On whether BJP is now completely centred on PM Modi: The Prime Minister has provided leadership, but we have structure in every state, we were a cadre-based party, but with PM Modi, we are a mass cadre-based party. Next leader won't be a descendant from the same family, that is the difference between us and the Congress.
  • We handle divestment tactically, without stepping on people's toes.
  • Privatization of banks was never on agenda of NDA, we are only considering it for IDBI, we are focusing on consolidation.
  • On perception of tough stand on NGOs: civil society organizations are also bound by laws of transparency. Government can take action if large number of NGOs are not following the rules. It is not that this government is not criticized. Notwithstanding our performance, we have been criticized more than any other government in the past.
  • Today's victory strengthens us because if you are confident of merit of your decision, go ahead and implement it and people will support it. UP campaign has taught me that propaganda is no substitute for performance.
  • On the show, Sandeep Dikshit says: This is quite clearly an existential crisis. Do we have the teeth to do the 2-3 things required in today's politics?
  • On whether Rahul Gandhi has to step down: a large part of our leadership has to understand that their style has to retire. Cannot have leadership that believes they represent the high command, have to have leadership that believes they represent the people.
  • On the show, Ravi Shankar Prasad says: This result comes after 2.5 years of PM Modi, that is no mean achievement.
  • On divisive remarks by some leaders: outrageous comments have already been condemned.
  • On no Muslim candidates in UP: either you can do tokenism for minorities (how many tickets did you give them?) or do real work for their emancipation and development like education, health. Ticket part depends on many factors, I don't think Muslims have given less votes for us, women victimized by triple talaq had a very soft corner for us in this election, we made a Muslim as President of India (APJ Kalam). When we talk of sabka saath, sabka vikas, we should be seen as concerned for the development of all, which we are trying to do.
  • On a strong opposition: If Congress party is determined to commit hara-kari, we cannot be their saviour, sorry. When we say Congress-Mukta Bharat, we want them to remain in opposition.
  • On campus crackdown: You have every right of free speech, you can criticize PM Modi or shower abuse on BJP, but campaigning for disintegration of India is unacceptable. We completely support free speech, but some of the activists even at DU - their slogans are in the public domain. This is a selective campaign of freedom for speech vs campaign for disintegration of India.
  • On the show, Prakash Javadekar says: Demonetization is just one part of the story. More measures are being taken to fight corruption. Action being taken against benami property. Voluntary Disclosure Scheme provided opportunity for people to declare (assets).
  • On no Muslim candidates in UP: in Manipur, we had 7 Christian and 3 Muslim candidates. In Goa, we had 10 Christian MLAs, now five have won again. Our motto is sabka saath, sabka vikas, not on the basis of caste or religion. Mayawati's only proof of allegation that EVMs were rigged is that Muslims voted for BJP, how is that possible? They are surprised to see Muslims voting for BJP.
  • On divisive rhetoric and whether there will be stricter control of leaders who deliver it: people voted with hope in 2014, now they have voted with confidence in 2017. Our party stand is very clear - tell me where any senior leader or spokesperson has said anything that is not in good taste. If someone does such thing, media should focus on that is not the official position.
  • On difference in BJP under Vajpayee-Advani and Modi-Shah: there is no actual difference, everyone has different styles but the ethos, inclusiveness, we continue with that narrative.
  • What Raghav Chadha said on the show: Will go back to drawing board and introspect on why we did so bad in this election. Quite frankly, outcome of Punjab election defies logic. We are disappointed. We don't have a well-oiled electoral machinery as Akalis and Congress, we don't have the same resources.
  • We are now principal opposition party.
  • What Keshav Prasad Maurya said on the show: On whether he could be Chief Minister: You are speaking to the UP state president and I wish to thank all our workers.
  • It is a fact that people voted for PM Modi (more than the BJP). This victory is the result of the Modi Wave and the Prime Minister's governance.
  • We will deliver on any promises to waive farmer debt, will protect women, will get rid of goonda-raj.
  • When Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav won earlier elections, the EVMs (voting machines) worked fine. And this time, too.
  • On no Muslim candidates for UP: We believe in sabka saath, sabka vikas, there will be justice and equality for all. We don't believe in tokenism, if we think there is someone who can win, we will choose them, if not, then even in the future, we will not pick them.
  • On Ram Mandir in Ayodhya: we are committed to building the temple in our manifesto within the law, the case is being decided, when the verdict is delivered, the temple will be constructed for Lord Ram. But UP has chosen development, progress, and to fight corruption.
  • On whether there will be Muslim members in our cabinet: our parliamentary board is meeting, it will decide. There will be no governance on the basis of caste or religion.
  • On Anti-Romeo squads: They will protect women. So many women sent their complaints, and cases were not registered. We will change that.
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