Will Modi Juggernaut Hit Kejri-Wall: National Impact of Delhi Polls?

PUBLISHED ON: February 5, 2015 | Duration: 50 min, 09 sec

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Will Modi juggernaut hit Kejri-wall: National impact of Delhi polls?

As curtains come down on the Delhi election campaign, Minister for IT, Communications and Telecom Ravi Shankar Prasad and chief spokesperson of AAP Yogendra Yadav face off on what will be the national impact of Delhi elections.

AAP approached Congress to form government, we said no: Ajay Maken to NDTV

On the eve of polls, Congress leader Ajay Maken, in-charge of the Delhi election campaign committee, has made a dramatic claim. Speaking to NDTV, Mr Maken said that the Aam Aadmi Party had approached the Congress to form government before elections were announced, but his party said no. In the event of a hung assembly, he said, "No way will we repeat last year's strategy," ruling out support to the AAP post polls. On differences with party colleague and former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, he said, "I didn't agree with many of Sheila's policies." When asked why she is silent in this campaign, he took a dig at her saying, "You forget, who spoke of supporting AAP?" He also spoke of Congress's internal assessment and whether former Union minister Jayanthi Natarajan's letter bomb had been a huge embarrassment for the party.
पॉलिटिकल बाबा : आरपीएन का जाना मर्ज नहीं नासूर है, कांग्रेस को इसका इलाज ढूंढना पड़ेगा

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