PM Modi Sets Poll Agenda, Attacks Opposition In Last Parliament Speech Before Elections | Read

PUBLISHED ON: February 5, 2024 | Duration: 1 hr, 38 min, 45 sec


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his last speech in parliament before the general elections reiterated his promise of pushing the Indian economy forward. This time, instead of putting a figure to it, he said the economy will be the world's third largest in his third term. The BJP has exuded confidence that the Narendra Modi government will be back for a third consecutive term with a massive mandate. Responding to the Motion of Thanks on President Droupadi Murmu's speech last week, PM Modi contrasted his development agenda with what he called the Opposition's naysaying culture. 

"The world is influenced by India. G20 summit is a testament to this. In our third term...India will be the third largest economy in the world and this is Modi's Guarantee,' the Prime Minister said. "When we say that we'll become the third largest economy, the Opposition says it will happen on its own, nothing big. I want to tell the youth how it is done and what is the government's role in this," PM Modi said.


  1. PM Modi on Presiden't speech: In the new parliament, when the President came to address the house, the Sengol was leading the ceremony and we were behind it. This new tradition increases the value of Indian culture.
  2. PM Modi slams Opposition: After hearing the Opposition speech, I can say that it's clear that they will sit there for more time to come, says PM Modi.
  3. PM Modi's sharp reply to Opposition MP: PM Modi reacted angrily when an opposition member said that the President's speech didn't have any mention of minorities. "I  think according to you women, farmers are not minority. Till when will you keep dividing the society," he asked.
  4. PM Modi's swipe at Rahul Gandhi: They are trying to launch one product again and again, said PM Modi in a veiled dig at Rahul Gandhi.
  5. PM Modi in Parliament: Our goals are big and the world is seeing that. No one can beat Congress's slow pace. The pace at which work is progressing in India, Congress can't even imagine that. We built four crore houses for poor and for the urban poor, 80 lakh pakka houses. It would've taken 100 years to get this work done at Congress's slow pace, says PM Modi.
  6. PM mentions Nehru's Red Fort speech: PM Modi mentioned former Prime Minister Nehru's Red Fort speech and said, "Congress never trusted India's potential".
  7. PM Modi slams INDIA Bloc: This was the thinking of the "Royal Family of Congress" about Indians. The alignment of the alliance has shaken. If they can't trust each other, how will they trust the people, says PM Modi.
  8. PM Modi reiterates 'ab ki baar, 400 paar' slogan: PM Modi reiterates 'ab ki baar, 400 paar' slogan while mocking Mallikarjun Kharge over a gaffe in the Parliament recently.
  9. PM Modi says Congress didn't do justice to OBC community: Congress didn't do any justice to the OBC community. They humiliated their leaders. When Karpoori Thakur was awarded the Bharat Ratna. But remember, how he was treated. When he became the Chief Minister, conspiracies were hatched to remove him from the post, says PM Modi.
  10. PM praises Nari Shakti: "From space to Olympics, Sashastra Bal to Sansad, the country has seen the empowerment of women."
  11. PM Modi on Green Energy: In the energy sector, we have always been dependent. We are working towards green energy to become atmanirbhar. We also want to take lead in semiconductor, says PM Modi.
  12. PM Modi on raids: People who have looted from the country will have to return the money. Adhir Ranjan ji here has seen the heaps of cash being seized from his state, says PM Modi.
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