At A Time Of Despair, The Sikh Tradition Of Sewa Provides A Ray Of Hope

PUBLISHED ON: May 16, 2021 | Duration: 1 min, 45 sec

COVID-19 infection rates are soaring, and every day brings grim news. At a time when beds, oxygen, medicine and hope seem to have all run out, all of India is feeling the same despair, the same distress, the same devastation. But through the darkness, there has been a ray of light. The Sikh community has been at the forefront of relentlessly helping people during through the pandemic. From initiating oxygen langars, to creating COVID care facility to providing free ambulance service, the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee is going all out to help people in need.
दिल से सेवा : कोरोना से जंग में फिर आगे आया सिख समुदाय
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